Descent and Ascent

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Energy by its very nature is movement. In its freedom and as the original impulse was outward (possibilities to manifestation) the energy descends from states of higher levels of energy (finer vibrations) to the lower and in each descend from the preceding higher to the lower the energy released forms a lateral universe. Tradition says that there are thus formed seven worlds from the seven levels of descent.

Energy having descended so far practically looses contact with the source and this darkness is called objective sorrow. Lord comes to the rescue of this estranged energy thus lost in darkness and sends its messenger in the form of Higher energy which becomes living beings (Jiva) to bring it home.

The lower energy having come so far refuses the prods of this higher energy and refuses to change but aggregates to form something that resists change. All creation is thus a play of these two opposing forces with the absolute as the support of both.