The depths of Being

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There is so much going on beneath the surface when beings are together, when life is with life. We believe words communicate, but really they communicate very little - it is all on the surface. There is a universe beneath it all, an unspoken cosmos.

Just sit quietly with someone, and there is a massive communication happening. I would call it communion. The life energy that animates us is the same energy, common to all - it can be felt immediately, when the mind is quiet and words are not creating "thingness", not creating separation, division and disharmony.

People, animals, trees, grass, even insects - we are all the same movement, the same life energy, the same Beingness. Be silent and know that Truth.

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Depth, Being and non-Being

the dimensionless "non-being" of Self, Samadhi
makes the multi-dimensional "depth" of "being" an interesting concept
that, like Science, makes Maya appear real.

genep | Sat, 03/14/2009 - 14:43