Depth of Unconditional Love !

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There were two lovers - inseparable from each other.
They only knew love, so they lived together in constant peace.
Then one day, they saw a new life is about to take birth.
They wanted to aid that process, so nothing bad happens.
But the condition was that, one of them has to be with that new born till that being does not allow it go back.
Only knowing love, Still one of them goes and all goes fine.
That lover becomes one with new being.
But then this being doesn't allow it go back for thousands of years.
It dies, takes birth again, but doesn't allow this lover to go back.
It dwells so much with that lover, that it has forgotten that the lover was not the beings property.
And that beautiful lover, still only knowing love , still at constant peace having unconditional love
doesn't get bothered at all for thousands of years. Its love is this strong.
The power of both the lovers is so immense that it spreads over many dimensions in the universe.
But they still await the confirmation from that small tiny being living in a single dimension.

The name of the two lovers is paramaatma ( absolute soul)
and aatma (soul)
And that tiny being is Me, this gross body,this ego.

Two of the most highest energies in the universe are waiting to unite with each other , the only thing separating them is this gross ego.

This physical body - which contains one of those energies inside it, is so selfish that it never allows that energy to leave - its been thousands and thousands of years.

This is the deepest love.

We know we have this life, we know we have wishes, we know we have responsibilities, we know we have people we love.
But can we also make an effort to unite those two lovers again ? They might not say anything , but its been quite a while now.

Chittam Mantraha !