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"Suppressing your desires or avoiding maya(the glue that binds us to everything around), is not the solution. Evolving to the extent that maya does not distract you is evolution or in simple words Yoga."

"As we are all divine beings going through a human journey each one of us is unrealized divinity."

"Whether you believe in the inner world or not, is of no consequence; it does have its effect on you. If you are living on earth, you are bound by gravity-you may believe it or not."

"Yog is not tying yourself up in knots or standing on your head. Yog is a complete science of the being's evolution, and physical, is just the beginning."

"It is extremely difficult to find a right Guru but in your search for a Guru do not go by what you get to hear from others. yoga is all about experiences and it is your own experience and own insights that will lead you to a Guru. Once you reach your Guru you no longer feel the need to go to any other discourse or any other teacher to get the answers to your questions. Your search is said to end when you find your Guru."

-yogi ashwini