Definition of God

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What is the Definition of God.
Very difficult to define in words.
But what is commonly accepted is that God is someone, who is
1. Omnipresent;
2. Omniscient and
3. Omnipotent.

If God is Omnipresentm Where AM I?
If God is Omniscient What about my Knowledge?
If God is Omnipotent What and Where is My Power?.

In short
I have no existance apart from him;
I have no Knowledge apart from his and
I have no Power apart from his.
It means
"I", "You", "He or She", do not have any existance, Knowledge and Power Independently or apart from Him or His. He alone is and his Prime Name is "I". Ho;d on to the sense of "I" or "I AM" manifesting (relatively speaking) in you.

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What is existence?

"It means
"I", "You", "He or She", do not have any existence"

The really issue to be clarified is what EXISTENCE is. Independent existence? never changing? separate? Conscious to the fact of existing? Just is? Is or isn't a part of something else?

It is not a necessary conclusion from the characteristics of God that you mention that you do not exist in the regular daily sense of existence. Scientists discovered that body cells have consciousness, it means that they exist while they are part of your whole body which also exists.

santana | Fri, 10/09/2009 - 07:40