In Defense of the Guru, Part 2

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The above (Part 1) is especially useful to those who KNOW that their Sadguru is a Sadguru. But if you aren't sure, or even know that he isn't quite there yet, Swami Sivananda offers this advice: "Guru bhakti is absolutely necessary. You can take even the worst possible rogue as your guru. You will have to change your angle of vision. When you look at a coconut made of sugar, you have a double consciousness. You know pretty well that it is not a coconut. In your heart there is the feeling that it is sugar, and sugar alone. Even though you see the world, it does not really exist. This is the conviction of the vedanta student. Even so, the defects of the rogue-guru do not exist for the disciple who has taken him as his guru with devotion. The aspirant should deify and superimpose all the attributes of the Lord on the rogue-guru.

"The outer cloak should not make you think that the guru is an ordinary man. You must deify your guru. Guru, Ishvara, Brahman, Om and Truth are all one. You must strictly obey and carry out his orders. You must think that underneath the name and form of the guru there is the all-pervading pure consciousness. In course of time the physical form will vanish and you will realise your own Self, the pure Brahman-consciousness that lies at the back of the physical form of your guru.

"A true disciple is concerned only with the divine nature of the guru. The guru's actions as a man are not the disciple's concern. He is totally oblivious of it. To him the guru is guru, even if he acts unconventionally. Always remember that the nature of a saint is unfathomable. Do not judge him. Do not attempt to measure his divine nature with the inadequate yardstick of your ignorance....Vilvamangal was very much attached to Chintamani the dancing woman. The latter became his guru." Sivananda also said, "To consider the guru as equal to God and never take him as an ordinary man in flesh and blood is the first requirement of an aspirant who treads the path of Truth."

Swami (Papa) Ramdas said: "You can look upon all [Gurus] as manifestations of God and make pranams to them. You cannot decide whether they have realised God or not. You need not sit in judgement on saints. There are many saints about whom people talk all sorts of things. At the same time we find there are many who are very much devoted those saints. Now who is right and who is wrong? There was a famous saint. He lived in America for many years and had a large following both in America and Europe. Ramdas heard unfavourable reports about him from some people. He also saw many of his devotees imbued with spiritual fervour. Surely they had benefited very much from his contact. Recently Ramdas had a letter from an Englishman saying that he was a disciple of that saint from whose contact he was greatly benefited. For some months he was greatly perturbed because he heard not too savoury reports about his Guru from a man who is very well known to Ramdas and who is on the Vedantic path for thirty years. Ramdas wrote back saying that he should not worry about the opinion of others. His faith should be firm in spite of all criticism levelled against his Guru. Ramdas also said that the saint was a God-man. That will help him to recover his faith."

Sadgurus also advise us to use great discrimination is choosing a Guru. The first thing we must do is examine our motivations for wanting to follow a Guru. Upasani Baba said that those Gurus who have big Ashrams and many devotees have only a few genuine devotees around them--the majority of those who surround such Gurus have less than pure motives for being with him (but the Sadguru makes use of that, too).

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Thank you!

Guru Bhakti!

Guru's Grace....

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in defense of the guru - parts 1 &2

Gratitude to your for these writings which express what is in my heart and knowing

Guru grace to all devotees ~
Guru Bhakti ~ self surrender to sadguru ~
thank you and Namaste.

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