Death to the mind

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Death to the mind. Long live the soul.
Kill the mind. Free the god.
Death to the mind. Long live God.

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The mind is not a bad thing and God doesn't need you to be free

The only way for you to kill the mind is to commit a suicide. Without the mind, you will not have any basic and functional interface to the world or to yourself and so soul and God will have no meaning.

The problem is not the mind but the fact that you let it control you. The mind is just a tool. You need the mind and the breakthrough is to admit it, not to fight it. Fighting it as an enemy only strengthen its control over you and has nothing to do with freedom of God or the length of the life of God (God is free anyway, by its nature, and it has no limited period of life). Work with the mind as a friend towards easing its control.

dora | Sat, 06/15/2013 - 09:04