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At the time of death human body start behaving like a house on blast which is breaked, or damaged from evreywhere due to unwelness, or any accident, or any reason of death, In such a condition at one time mind is forcefully pushed outside the body by that trouble which is created by damage, On the another time after getting outside, as human body plays the role of mediator instrument to make connection between world and mind, again mind comes inside the body due to fear of loosing everything ie: family, house or the whole illusionery world which he has created around himself throughout the life. And than again the trouble which is happening inside the body pushes him out. This process keep on continue until finally mind prepare to leave the body, Thus.. the total pain of death depends on how much one is attached to this world, if attchments are less, than mind will leave the body in lesser time and get rid from trouble, if attachments to this illusionery world are more, than mind will leave the body in longer time and bear the pain for longer time.

(Kindly note: One second of the trouble which is created by death is equal to one year. For example: everybody might have been noticed that timeage always increases when anybody is in any mormal wordly trouble, whereas this is the trouble of death )

Now.. after finally leaving the body firstly mind is sent to primary hell, its a jail in the shape of jar which is full of grunge and smell, Only the food is sent directly to stomach through pipe line, to keep alive and bear the trouble of this jail. (This jail is ment by the stomach of a pregnent lady).

After coming out from this jail, one has to face an another new hell, again new parents it can be humans, dogs, cats etc.. Again the starting of same boring life bagans with the fear of coming death.