For The Day To Just, Awaken To This Dawn

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Its beauty blinding... wondrously unadorned

Naked, as the day we were born


The sheer iridescent, natural, naked beauty

Blazing fire
Almost too blinding to bear

And tears flow, free ranging
Every bone, every fibre
Release the tautness within

From having clung so tight... to that which wasn't even there

Who we are
And who we thought we wanted to be

You were always it
It was always, you

As the veil slips gently from the shoulders
And lies in a shimmering pool at your ankles

Collapsing under it's own weight

Sparkling stardust
The stuff of which we were made

There's a kind of hush

And the burden carried through countless, millennia

Slides away

Foggy eyes

Love's tender grace

This ripping apart

Love beckoned

It could have been no other way

And lay my head down gently
In my own embrace

As the dance danced itself

Utter rest prevailed

And sitting on the edge
Such an upwelling of love, bursting my heart

And the horrendous burden on the other

"The other"... was me all long

For the day to just, awaken to this dawn