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An advaita follower asked the following questions:

(i) When did you attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi?

Ans.) The word Samadhi is constituted by three parts: Sam, Aa, and Dhi. Sam means perfectness. Aa means all the time, Dhi means determination. When your determination is perfect without any doubt or loop-hole and if the determination is continuous throughout your life without any rupture, such determination is called as Samadhi. When you worship God in the form of a statue or photo representing the energetic form of the upperworld or past human incarnation, your faith or determination will be perfect and is never broken. But when you recognize the living human form of God, certainly doubts will arise in one time or the other and certainly the faith will be broken. Your own qualities like ego and jealousy will disturb your faith. Even if you conquer your qualities, the Lord in human form will create lot of hurdles in your faith to test the strength of your determination. If your faith on the contemporary human incarnation is completely strong and is firm throughout your life, you entered Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Vikalpa means hurdle. Nirvikalpa means crossing over all the hurdles. There are only two human beings who got this Nirvikalpa Samadhi. One is Hanuman and the other is Radha who believed the contemporary human incarnation without a trace of shirk even for a fraction of second.

(ii) Have you realized Maha Bhava?

Ans.) The word Maha means God (Mahat Brahma iti proktam). The word Bhava means realizing the existence of God. Every devotee gets this Maha Bhava. This word is also interpreted in a different way, according to which it means theoretically realizing yourself as God. Practically you can never realize yourself as God. A theoretical assumption is always possible in any case. You can theoretically assume yourself as the Prime Minister of this country. This assumption is not wrong as long as you recognize it as theoretical. But sometimes you start behaving as God in practice also due to your over confidence or over ambition. That is not correct. In Bhagavatam one Gopika declared herself as Krishna and lifted a cloth on the finger. This state was said as Maha Bhava because the Gopika knows that her finger was raising a piece of cloth only and not Govardhana mountain. This theoretical assumption leads to several benefits like coming out of depression, changing the human behavior into divine behavior etc. For the sake of a good result a lie is permitted which is called as Artha Vada. The mother says the child that if it eats the food the moon will come down. For the sake of feeding the child this lie is not a sin. The Maha Bhava in reality is possible only in the case of contemporary human incarnation, which proves this state as a practical reality. No human soul can practically realize that it is God or even a part of God. God created this infinite universe of matter and energy. The human being cannot create a similar universe and hence cannot be practically God. The human soul cannot create even an atom of matter or even a ray of energy and thus cannot be even the most minute part of God. Therefore, in reality it is impossible for any human soul except the human form of the Lord.

(iii) How many of your devotees attained Samadhi (4th, 5th, 6th or 7th)?

Ans.) Samadhi means determination which is complete and firm throughout the life. The absence of the word Nirvikalpa shows that you are referring to the faith on God which is not subjected to hurdles. Such faith without hurdles is possible in the case of faith on statues and photos. Almost all the devotees in the world get this state of Samadhi. In My case the devotees who have attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi only remained with Me and the others were not retained by Me since My case is treated as contemporary Human incarnation by the devotees who remained with Me.

(iv) Have you realized Maha-Shakti?

Ans.) Assuming that I am the contemporary human incarnation, I have two components. The first component is the unimaginable God and the second component is Myself, a soul existing in this human body. Even the medium of God has the same characteristic of an ordinary human being only. Even the shirt of the king can be cut by a knife like the shirt of a beggar Any human being cannot bear the Maha Shakti which is the infinite cosmic energy. Therefore, even I cannot bear it. The God component in Me being the creator of this Maha Shakti is always bearing it as its substratum and as its creator. One has to realize that the infinite cosmic energy is also creation but not the creator because energy is an imaginable item, which is constituted by photons or electro magnetic waves.

(v) Are you holding Divine love for all?

Ans.) Whether I hold the divine love for all or not is to be stated by My observers and not by Myself.

(vi) Can you push your devotees inside Samadhi without sadhana from their end?

Ans.) Assuming that I am the contemporary human incarnation, My duty is to push My devotees away from Samadhi and not inside Samadhi. I have to create hurdles and if the devotee conquers and maintains the everlasting perfect determination, the devotee shall enter into Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

(vii) What is your view regarding miracles?

Ans.) A miracle is an unimaginable event which is expressed through imaginable items that stands as a proof for the existence of the unimaginable nature and thereby the unimaginable God. The finger of the boy, the huge mountain and the process of lifting are imaginable items. With the help of these items only the unimaginable event of lifting the mountain by the tender finger of a boy was exhibited. By this unimaginable event the existence of unimaginable God in the body was confirmed.

(viii) What is your Guru-parampara?

Ans.) I have only one Guru that is Lord Dattatreya.