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Dear all, read your article about guruji....well i'm a 25 yr old male living in singapore, i would like to build my knowledge more about guruji, not that i don't believe in him but i have alot of doubts about him which is bothering me...and i'm not able clarify them with his followers in singapore cause i feel that their not genuine and overdoing things..i accept the fact that to reach god is thru a guru, years back i took yoga sakthi i did not believe much in it due to my age and maturity level back then i did not commit myself fully by practicing it. as time flew everything faded away naturally and i actually forgot about him..Now i'm in love with a girl whom believes in him and talks about him everyday to me...i respect her decision of taking him as her guru, but i feel that she likes to over do things, when i say over do is like looking at him as god rather than a guru...recently she has been bugging me to take the visudhi saying it would help clear your karma and lot's of bad things in you etc.. and also told me that it caused SG $1675, and when i asked her why does it cost alot. She said it's because all the bad karma in you has a price to it..which i found it very ridiculous, infact let me list another similar issue about this which dosen't pertain money... a few months back when i wanted to practice yoga sakthi again i seeked advice from my girl friend and she told me that she will help talk to her aunty to do a method checking for me.. and for me to do the method checking i need to bring a friend to do this yoga sakthi i was like wth?? and it was put straight to me that it's either i introduce a friend into yoga sakthi or i'm not able to further practice it...you get what i mean?...as i say i do believe in him and i really want to take visudhi but i want to know why does this cost alot of money? what if poor people want to take it? even my girl friend, family had to pawn a SG $8000 chain for the whole family to take the visudhi..what if it dosen't help them cause i feel that these people don't have the discipline to practice it like how you should do it, they just do it as and when they like to..please help me straighten things up, i don't know why but something striked me to ask you thats why i'm writing this to you..


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Doubts can sometimes save one.........

This so-called Guruji is somewhat appears to me like a combined attitude of pride, boastfulness, hatred and ignorance which constitutes a character of fraud. The pros is you get real kundalini power but I doubt you'll develop any psychic abilities or achieve something higher. There are some individuals who have developed some psi abilities but not advanced. It's good that you went to Guruji payerchi and got you manipura chakra activated (In Visudhi payerchi your visudhi chakra is activated). He's got real power but is he a true man or a honest person or a kind hearted person? No, definitely not! This man is surely up to something fishy but I don't know. I've went to this person too (161st event) but at the first look on him I began to feel something wrong and it was a matter of time until I discovered the real attitude of him. It's pitiful that your girl's family fell in prey with him. Looking him as God oohh man that's bullshit. That guruji used to ridicule me. I always look on mirror to correct my hairstyle after taking bath. It happened to be that the mirror was located in front of Guru's photo. This person somewhat psychic knew I was combing my hair and the next morning when I came to listen to Guru's speech on radio he told that beauty is not in one's look but in one's speaking ability and such (he knew I was weak at talking to people back in the 161st event). The were more ridicules like this until I really got fed up of this f**kin fraud. Most ridicules are made indirectly and the ones that are done directly was when I went to next payerchi (You know when they allow devotees to get blessings after the guruji has give kundalini session to the newbies) he somewhat read my mind gave afwul comments indirectly telling to his devotees. I like to imagine a lot and I somewhat imagined Gods and such in my mind. And during that event the guruji told that if a person sees a God he'll definitely be overjoyed and such (I mean I was just imagining and why would he give out such comment?). Son of a bitch! Hypocrite! There were more like this ridicules. It was during the March 2012 Visudhi were I took the visudhi payerchi and saw this man. It was last after this I seriously don't want to go to him. I hope you realise this so-called guruji or sitthar or whatever bullshit title he has this man is surely a fraud. Feel free to reply me. :)

belovedofgod | Tue, 04/03/2012 - 05:06
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Brother, if you had cancer

Brother, if you had cancer or some injuries that you have to get a surgery done, what would you do? Would you go and see which doctor is the cheapest or get the best one available to you? Would you even question the charges? The same for spiritual healing, money is just an object, if you believe with full faith then it will work, if you still have doubts then it wouldn't. So choose a guru that works for your state of mind. It does not matter which one you chose, all is one and one is all. Good luck

yoda23 | Thu, 05/02/2013 - 14:19