Darkness Into Light

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So here I am, on this path, this journey
doing this thing people call living
and I have days and I have good days
and I question, just like most others
the reason for my being
and I ask what it is I am supposed to be doing
What it is that is my destiny?
Why I am here and what is my purpose
and I try to build my strength
not for defeat, but for protection
to bring harmony to this beautifully twisted world
I offer my hand and I give my peace and love
to those who suffer, to those whose hearts, minds
and souls bleed from the damage
ooze of the sorrow and madness

So here I sit drinking my wine and water
with so many questions and misguided thoughts
with such confusion, but an open heart
and I ask to be given the answers to
the questions I cannot even ask
but why
where is the sweet fruit to bring me joy?
It is everywhere, I know!
but how to handle each delicate situation
how to be enlightened to not question
not have sorrow, not be confused
Is there ever that point?
In life, we learn and we grow and this is a loop
continuous in this lifetime until death
and then a new loop begins
Is there a certain way, a presence to portray
an aura to own?

Can one night change the course of your being?
of course
will its effects cause your path to change?
and will that change take you down the right path
and will that path be the path you should be on
bringing you right where you are supposed to be?

What is it that I am supposed to realize?
help me understand this path I am on
this life that I live
help me live with my heart, soul, and mind
In harmony
help me give to everyone. Help me touch others
to make them feel beautiful to let them know
we were all sent as angels to one another

So here I sit, troubled with thoughts
sorrowed by sadness from a weakened heart
frightened by strength that overpowers my mind

So I have to ask… how do I deal with this?
how do I have the strength, the calm sweetness
to turn the darkness into light?

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This is so beautiful!

So so beautiful and so sincere.

mika | Tue, 04/01/2008 - 22:19
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angel76 | Tue, 04/01/2008 - 22:45