Darkness' Light

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Light never created Darkness
'cause Darkness gave “birth” to Light.

Light CLAIMS to be “real”
by degrading its mother: Darkness.

Without the fear and hatred
that Light creates by degrading its mother, Darkness,
there is no reality: only the fiction
an offspring creates
by hating its mother.

--really Really; REALLY.

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Darkness (Negative or Evil) and Light (Positive energy or GOD)

I strongly believe both Darkness and Light were existing from the beginning. No one was created them and nor either one is given birth to other. In the course of time both try to dominate other by using some means (living beings, especially humans) as they cannot fight each other.. This indicates we are the pawns to them. Which side we incline, we would have that type of energy flows into us and we act accordingly. This means there is no end also to either light or darkness..

PNNM, A Spiritual Enthusiast

MoorthyPNN | Tue, 08/24/2010 - 05:12