The Dance of Life

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Just one of those nights.When sleep eludes me.Awake and consuming endless glasses of water.
Diving deep within my soul.Touching the deep dark corners,and touching hell.
Soaring high,into its rarified atmosphere,and touching heaven.
Both movements of my mind within the space of the soul.
A remembered insight sitting at the feet of Swami.
Looking at the long orange gown that he was wearing.
Observing the creases in the gown where it probably had been folded,after being ironed,and thinking : gosh Swami,who is ironing your gown and folding it like this.Look at all the creases...!!!
And He chukling mischievously responding promptly:
Never mind the gown.The creases are in your mind. Iron those out first.
The space within the cirle.And the movements within that space..
The dance of life.

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I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Tue, 09/25/2012 - 05:15
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Sadguru-the catalitical effect of the external guru

Thanks, Asanga.

Movement from the external GURU~~~to the Satguru within.

Its only now that I realise, is what was happening...!!!
Once the Satguru within one is activated,via the catalitical effect of the external guru, is the lighting of the fire with fire.
Now when I observe,the gentle guiding and teaching of the SADGURU,there was never a -DO THIS,DONT DO THIS,SHOULD,MUST...!!
Just a simple-this is it.This is the mechanism of how the manifestation works..."iron out the creases in your mind,the ones in my gown wont bother you..."
Just pure and simple knowledge revealed.
Could I-Monica-do anything with that knowledge-NOPE.
I-could not co-opt that knowledge to change a thing.
Information adressee-is all...
The knowledge would work when and how ,I had no way of knowing..all I could do was accept that.
It was so beatiful...still brings tears to my eyes when I remember those moments.


MAI | Wed, 09/26/2012 - 01:12