Dana International as a spiritual model of the future human being

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Dana International is the popular Israeli singer who won the Eurovision contest in 1988 with the adorable song "Diva". See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2NI6lIGgnI.

She is a beautiful woman who actually used to be a man. She has a celestial voice but not in the classical way.

She was chosen to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest despite protest by Orthodox Jews that were opposed to her appointment because of her being a transsexual. Israel is a very liberal country and so the protest had no much significance and in May 1998, Dana International performed "Diva" at the Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham and took Europe by storm, winning the contest with 174 points. She thus became an international superstar overnight.

Dana International's own words "the message of reconciliation" were: "My victory proves God is on my side. I want to send my critics a message of forgiveness and say to them: try to accept me and the kind of life I lead. I am what I am and this does not mean I don't believe in God, and I am part of the Jewish Nation."

For me, she represents something very godly. I have no doubt that she is a taste of the human being of the future who shapes himself/herself precisely according to his/her true feeling. A being who is not completely a man, not completely a woman, androgyne, untagged, uncategorized, liberated, fulfilled, hermetically authentic. If you think out of the box in an open manner you will realize that this is so clear.

This is not about Dana International herself, not about what she thinks or how she conducts herself, it is about what she epitomizes from a spiritual perspective and not through pop culture or orthodox religious views.

If we manage to stir for a moment our prejudice and conservative attitude, if we manage for a moment to disconnect from the limitations of our thinking based on present norms, we can see how beautiful and divine this can be, how spiritual.