Daily Sutras from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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The following is one of the finest collections of the Daily Sutras of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a true condensed set of inspiring wisdom:

purpose of every practice - spiritual practice, meditation, breathing techniques, and kriya, all this - is to uncover something that blocks the expression of Divine Love
-- bs #10, Looking for God,

We are learning to be with what is now. What is now? The breath is now. The body is now. It's only the mind that goes "yesterday and tomorrow Beauty and Wakefulness
-- Quebec, July 93

Make the whole life a game. There is no purpose, there is no aim, nothing. Just take it lightly, easily. Play the game. That is worship, which is celebration
-- From God Loves Fun

Where do you find that fulfillment? Does it come to you just by jumping over things? No. That also you have tried. You did many things: you changed your girlfriend, or you changed your relationship so many times. You change your job, thinking, "That job may bring me better satisfaction." But that doesn't happen so
-- From Bhakti Sutras #10, Looking for God,

Knowledge is always in some context. When the context changes, knowledge also changes
-- From Bhakti Sutras #13, Reverence and Reference,

The moment you see that things are changing, simultaneously you start seeing that the one who is observing the change is not changing. The reference of change is non-change; otherwise, changes could not be perceived at all-- The Four Pillars of Knowledge
-- July 93, Lake Geneva

I tell you, there is no other hell than this anguish inside you. You are already in a hell, there is no better hell to go to -- not possible. The hell is here; you can create it with your ambitions. Several thousand years ago, people created this [idea of] hell: "And you will go there, and you will be burned down. And there will be big strong muscle men there who will fry you like a pancake." A big description of hell is given in almost all religions: "Don't be with bad company, otherwise you will go to hell." In those days, people were innocent, they believed. Today, you know, there is no other hell. If there is a hell, anyway all of us will go there together -- we will change the management there. Do some protest strikes? Make some marches. We'll change the administration. We will see when we get there. We are not afraid of any hell. I tell you there is no need to be afraid. Fear was used in those days to bring orderliness in the society
-- From Bhakti Sutras #11, The Company One Keeps

The direction of the body is towards perishing, towards decay. And the direction of your soul should be towards the immortal, the non-change, the imperishable. As you grow older your mind should mature and look towards that eternal something that is undying, that something that doesn't age
-- From Two Steps to Enlightenment

If somebody is hateful, we can only have compassion for them, because they are not aware of the center; they have moved from their love
-- From Bhakti Sutras #1, Types of Love

If some guru has fallen, or done something, or says something and does something else -- it is his problem. We must have compassion towards it. That need not take us away from our spiritual path or our surrender
-- From Bhakti Sutras #11, Who Can Come Out of Limitations

Unhappy people -- don't be friendly with them; but be compassionate to them
-- From Patanjali Yoga Sutras #5, Overcoming Obstacles

People who are suffering -- do not pity them. See, there is a difference between pity and compassion. In pitying, you are not pulling them up; you are making them even more down. Have compassion for people who are suffering, and not friendliness Patanjali
-- ys #5, Overcoming Obstacles

Craving, aversion, fear, that separate feeling of "I-ness," and ignorance -- these are the five sources of misery, five causes of misery. And the Lord is devoid of these five miseries; that consciousness deep down in of you, is devoid of these five, I tell you Patanjali
-- ys #4, Who Is God

When you say, "AUM" the prana is total, it's complete. "AUM" is the nearest sound which can be used to address the totality of consciousness
-- From Patanjali Yoga Sutras #4, Who Is God

The seed of all knowledge is present in the consciousness, no doubt about it. There is no doubt -- the Sadguru will know something which you have never revealed to anybody. [To] the innermost secret , [he] has an access, because there is no difference. At the same time, he has no interest in poking into anybody's mind, or reading anybody's thoughts, or reading anybody's opinions. He allows the "I don't know" state to remain
-- From Bhakti Sutras #13, Reverence and Reference;

Every desire arises from the sleeping state. Desire is a product of sleep, unconsciousness. Just sleep itself cannot produce desire, but something along with sleep. A spark of beauty, just a spark of beauty in the unconsciousness, creates desire Beauty and Wakefulness
-- Quebec, July 93

The whole creation is made up of one consciousness -- undivided consciousness
-- From Bhakti Sutras #11, Who Can Come Out of Limitations

Be crazy -- you'll be the highest. Life is not a serious thing. If life becomes a problem to solve, you won't be crazy; you'll become an intellectual person, you'll become a "doer." Know [that] this life is a game, is a play
-- From Bhakti Sutras #20, Divine Craziness,

In fact, all those people who consider everybody else a fool and only they are intelligent, deep down they are really big fools. To avoid looking at their own foolishness they consider everybody else to be crazy or foolish
-- From Patanjali Yoga Sutras 4, Who is God

The desire has driven you crazy. Stop for a while and look at it: "What is it?"-that feverishness dissolves and disappears, vanishes
-- From Bhakti Sutras #2, Be 100%

When the intellect starts maturing, it starts questioning the source of creation
-- bs #14, The Concept of God

In fact all actions are propelled by love, have you seen this in creation? Even if you get angry, behind that anger there is love
-- Bhakti Sutras #14 cont., Guru Purnima, 1990

Even if you live for five minutes in this planet, even if you live for five days, five months, five years - a few moments of that Love makes the life worthwhile. A few moments of that Love brings joy, not only to you but to the entire creation around you
-- Bhakti Sutras #17, Chasing the Mind

There is no difference between God, Guru, and your Self. It's just a matter of words. Whatever the Master is, it is nothing but the core of your Being. And it is the same as the Divine that rules this entire creation
-- From Patanjali Yoga Sutras #4, Who Is God

This creation, this very life, is a mystery, and the mystery cannot be understood. But it could be lived in its totality
-- From Bhakti Sutras #10, Looking for God,

People are put into jail in order to be punished, in order to make them good man, but you know what happens? You know that. They come out as "certified criminals," highly skilled, skilled criminals - a trained criminal now. Now, they know where they will go and what they can do. They have met their other friends there and exchanged their views and ideas
-- From Bhakti Sutras Developing Divine Love

People often ask this question: "But what about those criminals, who have murdered, who have done all sorts of crime, who are in the jail-what about them?" I say, what do you think they are? Do you think they are beasts? ... They at least have been authentic, following their impulses. They just did whatever came in their mind; they were like children
-- From Bhakti Sutras #16, Divine Love, Binding Force

There is no death to you. Death is nothing but a long sleep. Death is nothing but just changing your jackets
-- From Bhakti Sutras #10, looking for God,

We are afraid of death, because we don't know what it is. Fear comes from the unknown, something which we don't know. It's nothing. You'll find the body has dropped, but nothing has happened to you. You are intact; you take another body
-- From Bhakti Sutras #10, Looking for God,

Death is very complementary to living. It's nothing opposed to life. It's a complement to life; it makes life new and fresh
-- From Bhakti Sutras #10, Looking for God,

Life is very beautiful; it is structured. And to make it more beautiful, death has also been planned
-- From Bhakti Sutras #10, Looking for God,

When you love somebody, don't go and sit on their neck and then choke them to death. Keep a gap, whether you are husband and wife or lovers, leave a little gap. Stay a little apart and see that your love and longing, love and longing, continues. Grow through this love to higher Love, the Divine Love
-- From Bhakti Sutras Developing Divine Love

You never doubt your anger, your depression, your sadness, your sorrow, your misery; but you doubt all the positive qualities that you have. You doubt in your capabilities, you don't doubt in your incapabilities. Do you see what I'm saying? Doubt the incapability in yourself. Doubt your limitations. Then the faith in your capabilities grows The 4 Pillars of Knowledge
-- July 93, Lake Geneva

Be active, be dynamic, but not obsessed with feverishness about fulfilling desires. Because that is the root cause of depression. If you are depressed, underneath the depression is a lingering desire
-- From Dispassion and Desire 13 – 19

Behind every misery, there is a hope. The fuel for miserable people is hope. Foreseeing happiness sometime in the future, makes one miserable right now. Having desire for some pleasure in the future, either in the world or in heaven, one misses the boat
-- From The 4 Pillars of Knowledge

Every desire arises from the sleeping state. Desire is a product of sleep, unconsciousness. Just sleep itself cannot produce desire, but something along with sleep. A spark of beauty, just a spark of beauty in the unconsciousness, creates desire
-- From Beauty and Wakefulness

Beauty combined with tamas (tamoguna) is desire, and whatever comes out of that desire leads you to inertia. That is why every desire, whether fulfilled or unfulfilled, ultimately leads one to a state of inertia-- From Beauty and Wakefulness
-- Quebec, July 93

When you desire something, you are not aware of your Self, your fullness Beauty and Wakefulness
-- Quebec, July 93

Desireless-ness is not a practice, it is a phenomenon-- Beauty and Wakefulness
-- Quebec, July 93

Devotion is very beautiful. A student comes to a master, a teacher, a guru, with tears in his eyes, there is so much problems. And when he leaves he carries the same tears, but the quality of the tear is different; it's of gratitude. Still tears flow, but they are of gratitude, of love
-- From Bhakti Sutras #14 cont., Guru Purnima, 1990

First is attraction. And then, attraction grows into love. And love grows into Devotion
-- From Bhakti Sutras #14 cont., Guru Purnima, 1990

The blossoming of devotion is fullness in life
-- From Bhakti Sutras #20, Divine Craziness

When love matures, it becomes devotion
-- From Bhakti Sutras #11, The Company One Keeps

An attitude of "So what -- let it be." takes away the feverishness in you, takes away the passion in you, brings you to that pillar of dispassionThe4 Pillars of Knowledge
-- July 93, Lake Geneva

Dispassion is not apathy. Often we think dispassion means being totally unenthusiastic, depressed, not interested in anything - this is not dispassion. Dispassion is lack of feverishness
-- From the Four Pillars of Knowledge, July 93, Lake Geneva

You think dispassion means lack of joy. This is not so; dispassion *is* joy. Dispassion means "full of joy." When you say, "I don't want anything," that means you have everything
-- From The First Great Sentence, 7/23/94, Montreal

Dispassion does not divide you, in fact it connects you. It connects you to the present moment so totally, so you can be 100% in anything you do
-- Patanjali Yoga Sutras #3 Samadhi - Dec 1994

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Remarkable quotes. I didn't know SSRS is that good. How come I never saw this post?

superwoman | Fri, 10/16/2009 - 11:53
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My spiritual path begins

My spiritual path begins from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.Your post refreshes my mind.I enjoyed your post.

bonya basu | Fri, 11/27/2009 - 11:15
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To print and read every day!

To print and read every day. Unique compilation - thank you!

Recommendations: a few years ago I read the book "God Loves Fun" by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar which was incredible. I also recommend the post in http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/knowledge-sri-sri-ravi-shankar

george | Sat, 02/20/2010 - 12:52
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Great quotes

Pradeep Singh Shaktawat

pradeep | Fri, 04/22/2011 - 09:45