Daily Life and Unconscious

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Man seeks the beyond while his own house is not in order and then such a search merely becomes an escape. It is important to address the issues that are screaming for attention and are neglected because facing them would cause discomfort. We all seek happiness but the path to it may pass through something we recoil from or at the least things we don't want to face.

Stated briefly we need to free the lower vital first from the grip of the tyrant and work towards developing openness and trust though at the same time not being dumb or naive. For this we must be open and trust our own unconscious first. This though is not without its own dangers.

Thought and analysis cannot help us in the beginning for they are part of the problem but observation can. We must diligently be on vigil and observe our reactions and actions in daily life. This would bring us in contact with our unconscious if we take to observation diligently.