Crisis of consciousness

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The crisis is in 'Human Consciousness' much like the salt in water in the ocean. There is still a hope for an individual drop to escape by the heat of Sun which impartially shines on the whole of ocean. That is the only was an individual drop can shed its saltiness.

Like the ocean we all share the same 'Human Consciousness' and there is hope not as collective but as individuals to transcend common follies of human nature. The obvious question would be what is an individual to do? This is a wrong question for action follows understanding. Let us take an example to illustrate the point. If a person understands fully that the meal that he has been served has poison he would not eat it no matter how hungry he is. traditionally this has been example of rope appearing as a snake in poor visibility.

Yet the fact remains that we do not understand fully and hence what is one to do? To this it has been said that one must 'Observe'. But 'Observe' what? As has been already stated we all share the same 'Human Predicament' and therefore 'Observation' is study of this human condition in oneself and others.