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The Param Atma manifests
In beings,
As creators in the lords footsteps.
The shackles of the soul,
For those undefined
Unconqured paths in nature;
Recreates new horizons
Undoing many more in the process,
And the line recedes each day,
Towards the unspecified, unknown.

Unfolding tracks, defining systems
To varying memory banks;
He moves cracking natures codes,
Ciphering logics in the mayhem.
Bit by bit
The Midas touch;
He changes
Pastures green to gold.
Tracking his building blocks,
Assigns relations within elements.

Byte by byte, data by data
Discovering Boolans ‘I’s and ‘O’s,
Regenerating the roots, modules
And the entire
Configuration tree;
He eats
Into the apple from Eden,
With loads and loads of functions.
Till He hears
I am God;
And he creates the Creator.