Creating a Brighter Tomorrow

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During one of William LePar's trance sessions, his spiritual source, The Council gave us the following thoughts on creating a better tomorrow for ourselves. From their perspective, the world in general is in poor spiritual state. However, they believe that just as we can change our futures individually, we can as a group consciousness, change the world, but it first starts with each of us.

The Council: We can only say that it would be our desire to show you a picture that is much brighter than what it is, but unfortunately, if an untrue picture were painted what stimulus would you have in correcting the situation that now exists amongst you all in all countries? As long as the condition can be changed, we will speak of it. It is up to the people of the world to see to it that what it has created for its future does not necessarily have to be. Nothing is predestined. No individual is predestined. Each event in man's future and in his history could have been changed, if he had foreseen early enough. Your future can still be changed. When we spoke to you of what you are and what you can expect to experience once you leave your material bodies, we could speak to you of pleasant things, beautiful things, because no matter how corrupt you may have created your existence, in the hereafter, it will be changed to the proper outlook. Now we do not use the word "corrupt" in a negative form. We use it in the sense of varying from what actually is.

Your physical existence takes more determination, more activity now. Those who are of right mind see the brightness that tomorrow holds by seeing what lays before them today. If there is a ravine that must be crossed and the bridge is in poor repair, if you were to cross it on the morrow, it would necessitate repairing it today; and that is the way your future is. If you are to exist in tomorrow, you must create that state of existence today, the foundation for that existence today. Your abilities as individuals, as individual entities, go far beyond your imaginations. The power that lies within each of you to create a whole new world tomorrow is seldom ever tapped or used. Working through the natural means of your world, you can rid yourself of all that is not harmonious and leads to a happy state of existence, but it depends on the individuals to see to it that the world responds to the wishes of those individuals who occupy the world. Your greatest step to a more positive future is taking a better look at yourself as an individual, an entity that is unique, an entity that cannot be replaced, an entity that has a specific purpose, an entity who adds themselves to the sum total of the whole.

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We can make this world better...

Yes i agreed with that...we as an individual can contribute
to make this WORLD better place to live in...because we are a part of THE WHOLE.

"HARMONY is the Rhythm of Wholesomeness".

bonya basu | Fri, 03/23/2012 - 15:38