Create an Environment within Yourself for Meditation to Happen

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"It's important to first create a fertile
environment within yourself
for meditation to happen.

You eat a very light
and healthy diet,
you become disciplined
in what you put in to your body,
how you take care of your body.

You immerse yourself
in spiritual practices that both
purify and awaken you into bliss.

You immerse yourself in Shakti
with the CDs, with enlightened teachers
where you can actually feel the bliss
vibrating in your body.

You strengthen your awareness
with meditation techniques and practices.

When you do this on a daily basis,
very naturally, there will come a time
when meditation will pull you to do nothing at all.

You will have times where meditation techniques
seem to only get in the way of meditation.

It is in this that you can really let go
into surrender and non-doing
and allow meditation to naturally happen.

You learn to allow thoughts,
allow sensations, allow emotions,
allow breathing, allow the body to be still.

And in this allowing,
awareness naturally is,
everything naturally is.

You realize the natural
movement that is life itself,
that is consciousness itself.
That is the entirety of everything.

And there is no doing in that.
There is the complete letting go
of yourself into the naturalness
of this moment.

There is extraordinary peace in this;
pure fulfillment;
unconditional joy.

But if I said from the beginning,
'just allow this moment to be as it is'
without doing the practices, disciplines
and receiving the shakti,
you will find some relaxation in it.

But you most likely won't fully awaken into
the infinite peace and bliss that is your essence.

There is a whole awakening that happens
in the very cells of your body and mind
that cannot happen through one teaching alone.

In my experience,
all of the practices and disciplines
should be utilized.

What works for you will be unique for you.

But when you come from a place
of doing the work, of being full of shakti,
then there is an intensity that grows inside you.
And then, when you fully surrender,
that intensity of consciousness becomes unleashed
and meditation takes over.

Meditation is not a doing.
It is allowing your natural state to be;
fully and unhindered.

But you do have to create
the fertile environment within yourself
for it to happen.

Much love,


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