Courage to Question the Boundaries

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Every time I see someone go against what we as a society have valued the "way to do things," it makes me extremely joyful. The reason I enjoy this is because I know how difficult it can be to go against the grain, and I know how limiting it can be to stay confined to always doing things "the way" we've valued things to be done out of fear of condemnation or attack. It takes great courage to look at the boundaries we have enclosed ourselves in and to question them, more than anything I have learned. To remain locked in conformity and tradition is to dig ones soul into a groove, with site as dim as fear itself. Our goal must be to free ourselves from this prison. The need for conformity takes away from realizing our god given talents, because we are all to busy expending our energy trying to fit in always seeking acceptance... the need to always do things the "right way," inhibits the exploration of our highest potential, realizing our greatest joy.