The Council Speaks of Themselves

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Many people have asked me about William LePar's spiritual/psychic source The Council. I would like to offer the following insight. Let me preface what follows with this comment. The Council has said a number of times that the information that they give can only be based on Divine principles. The information is not colored by their personal experiences in our physical world.

William Allen LePar

The Council, the source speaking through William Allen LePar, has often referred to themselves as "spiritual beings." We must remember that this is a very elusive term and can mean something far greater than what we normally have been taught to understand as a "spiritual being."

In our finite minds we look upon spiritual beings as living beings confined in similar manners as we in the physical, and this is not the case with some levels beyond the physical. But in this expanded description of themselves we begin to realize that there are levels that we can reach as spiritual beings that far surpass our present concepts.

Respectfully, I submit for your edification The Council's own personal description of themselves.


After a soul or an entity has accomplished a certain level or degree of perfection, through whatever system that is the ruling belief system of that time, then the individual or the soul or the entity is elevated to a level wherein it is not necessary for reincarnation. Once entering the spiritual realms without the need to reincarnate, a growth period is undergone. Many steps of awareness or many levels of awareness are accomplished, many degrees of elevation, many degrees of perfection until finally the soul, the entity has evolved into a state where there are no levels, no degrees, but begins to expand in love and awareness to the point where there is a total mergence or merging with other beings; where all ideas of limitations, all awarenesses of false limitations, have been done away with; where the person or the soul or the entity begins to realize its true unlimitedness and in that begins to expand greater and greater and greater, interweaving more delicately and more closely with all others and all other things, and in so doing grows closer to the Divine Himself. Once a soul or entity has reached this level, then they are in union with others, total union, yet completely individual, and yet completely united. This soul, this entity has its own personality, yet delicately flows in and out and with other souls but yet maintains its own personality, its own being. The soul, the entity becomes more god-like in that it becomes part of all things, yet maintains its own personality, its own being. Once a soul has reached this level then there is no name. there is no body as you would recognize or understand, but a more complete and unlimited Child of God, one who is so developed that no name could ever describe him. That is the existence we live in, and if you wish to use confining and restricting terminologies as levels, then we souls have to say that is the level we exist in. In all of mankind's history this level has never before spoken in the physical plane.
Even though we refer to ourselves as "spiritual beings," we use such statements only to give all who come to us some idea to relate to or some concept that they can relate to.

The Council has told us on many occasions that truth has always been available to mankind from the very beginning. As you read what they present, you may note similarities to information from other sources. You will also encounter new information. You may be surprised by some of the information revealed by The Council, to the point where it strains your credulity. The Council realizes this, and so they often begin with an opening statement such as this:

Again, a reminder as we have said before, we ask that you think about what we have said, the answers to your questions. It is not necessary to accept everything we say, but we do ask that you take the time to think on what we have said and hold it for possible use or acceptance at a later time. What is most important is that you do think, that you exercise your God-given mind. Use what you can use and store away that which is not serviceable at this time, for if you wish to see a dawn tomorrow with its clear blue skies, you must make ready for it now. If you cannot believe that tomorrow will be a better day than today, then it will not be so for you. If you do not carry the light of tomorrow, then where will it come from? If your tomorrow is not planned for today, then how can it exist? Forearmed with the knowledge of the path you are presently traveling, you are then in a position to create a better path for your travels tomorrow. The outlook for the children of the Divine is definitely a bright and sunny day. Only you can make the decision as to what your tomorrow will be. We have one distinct advantage over each of you, and that is we have gone through the process of life that you are presently experiencing and in those activities we have learned that one must never narrow their vision down to what they prefer to see, but it is great wisdom when one is willing to look at the total picture, even those segments that one wishes were not there.

Always keep this concept in mind when reading my posts: Use what information you can, and that which you cannot agree with, put it aside for now. Do not discard it, for you may find it very useful in the future.

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What i want tomorrow i must prepare for it now.....

Yes, it is very true....I always feel...what i want tomorrow...i must prepare for it from right now.I am determined what i want next...probably that may be the reason i am spending and love to spend so much time in this site.

I never discard i may not understand something.....when my knowledge will be clear...tomorrow i may understand it more clearly.

bonya basu | Sun, 11/28/2010 - 16:44