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The Absolute denoted as Brahaman and the word is neutral gender in Sanskrit. It is only proper to do so for as origin of all things it cannot be said to have any gender. Gita avoids the terminology of gender and goes on to say that the entire created universe consists of two principals called Prakriti or Nature of Supreme God called Brahaman in Vedas. Now Nature too is an appropriate word as it cannot be said to exist apart from the One to whom it belongs. Like fire and its burning nature are one and the same thing.

The two Natures are called higher and lower. By the term lower nature are meant the 08 principals of gross and subtle Universe studied with man as a focal point. These eight are:-

7.4 Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and egoism thus is My Nature divided eightfold.

The higher nature is different and upholds the world given as:-

7.5 This is the inferior Prakriti, O mighty-armed (Arjuna); know thou as different from it My higher Prakriti (Nature), the very life-element, by which this world is upheld.

Sant Jnaneshwar in his commentary on Gita (Jnaneshwari) gives the following:-

7.5 My higher Prakriti is the state of equilibrium of these eight parts; this is also known as Jivabhuta as it gives life to the insentient (body), enlivens the intellect and makes the mind experience grief and delusion (16-20). The intellect owes its intelligence to the contact with this higher Maya and the egoism resulting from her sustains the world.

It is further said that

7.6 Know that these two (Natures) are the womb of all beings. So I am the source and dissolution of the whole universe.

My interpretation of the aforesaid is that this Higher Prakriti or Nature is of the same kind in Individual and Universal context and is of the State of Equilibrium of the lower eight fold Nature. The word Cosmos aptly describes it. This also brings us to understand that Microcosm and Macrocosm are of the same kind and the only difference is in scale. Further the difference in scale only refers to the difference in scale of the lower but not of the higher as it is’Wholeness’ alone and cannot be defined as a scalar quantity. .