Cosmic Unity

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Since God made Man in his image, Man also must be a Unity and this needs to be discovered.

At first sight Man may hardly appear to be a Unity but this is equally true of Cosmos. There is a balancing system called Life in man that sustains us through all changes, inputs and imbalances.

Cosmos too has an underlying order. Thus Creation is a play of these two natures Higher and Lower.

Tradition says that since separate existence is an illusion and Creation is always a Unity (Whole or Purna in Sanskrit) the so called multiplicity is handiwork of Maya.

Reality is a continuum and notions like mine and yours are only true from a conventional perspective. There is only Cosmic Unity in which there are other smaller unity (microcosm) connected to the Cosmos.

Principal of Unity or Higher nature in Macrocosms and Microcosms is One.

Between the Two Awareness and Energy comes up a third claiming Individual separate existence. It partakes of the characteristics of both but when looked at closely the Ground of all is Awareness alone and hence rightfully the only Truth.

Maya as I have proposed for all practical purpose can be taken as psychological time and space. Nature is objectively out there but depends on Awareness and mind for its cognition.