Cosmic Consciousness & The Ecstasy of Garbage

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"Make no mistake about it.
Everything affects you.

From the music you listen to,
to the person sitting next to you,
the words you read,
the food you eat,
the sounds you hear.

is affecting your experience.

So you listen to music
of some famous musician
who eventually committed suicide
and suddenly you feel depressed
and you don't know why.

At one level of consciousness
you become aware of the energetic
of everything around you
and begin to choose an environment
that supports peace, bliss and love.

At another level of consciousness
you welcome everything.

You allow everything
to move through you,
because there are no longer
boundaries between you
and everything else.

It is all one.

You experience everything
as the same energy,
the same consciousness
and the very nature of that energy
is ecstasy.

That's the state
where you are just as happy
to live your life
next to an overflowing trash can
as you would be by a beautiful ocean.

You experience
the ecstasy of garbage.

You don't just accept the garbage,
you are madly in love with garbage.
You experience garbage as bliss.

No fooling!

But that is a very high state
and most who experience it
have to come down from it
and eventually you move away
from the garbage.

Maybe you do
maybe you don't.

Who knows.

All possibilities
are delightful.



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