The Correct Perspective of Guru Dakshina

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The Correct Perspective of Guru Dakshina

Guru Dakshina is the money offered in the service of God. Money is the fruit of work. Therefore money and work are inter convertible forms. In Gita, donating money is called as “Karma Phala tyaga” and donating work is called as “Karma Sanyasa”. Both these put together are called as “Karma Yoga” or “Seva” (Service). One can do the service by doing both or one of these two according to the convenience. Only this proves the real love (Bhakti) on God. In front of this, feelings and meditation by mind and prayers by mouth are like pickles in the plate without the central item i.e. bread. One can eat the bread without pickles, but without bread, only pickles cannot be eaten. If pickles only are eaten, that will burn the stomach. We are giving only pickles to God. That is why He is not responding to our chanting of His name. Anybody will respond if he is called by his name once. But you are calling God lakhs of times by His name. He is not responding even once by saying “Hello” atleast. This shows the anger of God. If a prostitute called some body by name, he will not respond since his prestige will be lost in the respectable society. Similarly God is not responding to us since if he responds, his prestige will be lost among sages and angels. The devotees are really like prostitutes because their devotion on God is only to get some benefit from God. To get some material benefits, one is spending money for the sake of God.

Astrologers, priests etc., are exploiting the people and are earning money in the name of Super natural powers of planets and deities. The money of the devotees is wasted and stolen. There is only one God in all deities and planets and all the super natural powers in the creation belong to God only (Veda says “Bheeshodeti”). Such God comes down in human form only to this earth as said in Gita “Manusheem” and not in any other inert form. Gita condemns the worship of inert forms like statues “Bhutejyanti…” The statues are useful only to have a vision of the past human incarnations (Veda says “Drastavyah”). Only the present human form of God is to be worshipped. Worship again means not mere words and feelings but by participating in his mission through service. His mission is only to spread the divine knowledge and devotion in this world and to uplift every body.

This “Guru dakshina” is according to one’s capacity and devotion. Of these two, devotion is more important. In construction of bridge on the sea (Varadhi) for Lord Rama, monkeys are putting big stones and a squirrel is putting small sand particles, according to their capacity. Both the stones and sand particles are drowned in the sea. Monkeys stopped the work, but the squirrel did not stop the work. It thought “whether I participate or not, the work of the Lord will not stop. Let me do whatever I can do for the Lord. Lord does not require even the bridge to kill the demon Ravana. He can kill the demon even just by His will. This is only an opportunity given to me to participate in the Lord’s work and get salvation”. Lord Rama patted the squirrel and not the monkeys. So, while participating in His service, do whatever you can. But do it with full faith in Him.

Some rich people approached me (Swami) everyone saying that he alone will fund this mission. Swami (myself) told them “Let all participate and let all get salvation”. The aim of Swami is not the money required for this work. If that alone is my aim, I could have accepted the donations of the rich people. The aim of Swami is that all should participate practically and get the grace of God. My aims are; 1) World Peace 2) All should get salvation and the hell should be closed.

Swami does not need any money for his personal purposes also. I am an expert in coaching the students for IIT Entrance exams (Chemistry) and lakhs will rain on me if Swami continues in that line. Swami has sacrificed every thing for the sake of saving the humanity from the ignorance and misleading paths. Every rupee i.e., donated by the devotees will be used to publish this divine knowledge in all the languages and distribute to all the people in the World.

Today several fraud preachers spoil the spiritual field. They do not know why and what they propagate. They propagate that knowledge which is already there in the books. They have no other work to do. They failed in all lines of business and have taken up this line of spiritual business. They are blind leading the blind followers and all fall in the well. Veda says the same “Andhenaiva”. Swami is happy even if they earn, if they can show the right path explained in the scriptures. The propagation is needed when there is a new knowledge. Sankara propagated since he discovered Advaita theory. Several disciples of Sankara further propagated it. Those disciples are teachers but not preachers.


guru dakshina

it was tradition in Indian culture to give guru dakshina after the completion of education but it was misused by dronacharya when he demanded thumb from him.Shri Ramakrishna and Shri Vrijananda also took guru dakshina from swami Vivekananda and maharshi Dayananda respectively and they perfectly struggled throughout their lives to fulfill the guru dakshina because both the gurudakshinas belong to lok-kalyana which were whole lives works.vrijananda directed maharshi dayananda to preach the vedas to masses for the removal of all misunderstanding and ignorance regarding the vedas and lives of the people might had to be molded according to vedas.Ramakrishna also directed swami Vivekananda to teach the world the spirituality which he had learned, known to and experienced sitting at the holy of his is certain after initiation giving by the guru to disciple; disciple gives any gift to guru and the same is taken very happily by the also help to disciple to fulfill this custom successfully if disciple is not in position to complete example---.after initiation swami Ranganathananda had nothing to pay to his guru and also he told the truth to his guru shivananda.Shivananda saw some mangoes lying in the other room and he took these mangoes and gave these to ranganathananda with saying that these mangoes must had to be given to guru as guru dakshina and swami Ranganathananbda
gave these mangoes to Swami Shivananda as guru dakshina.

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Emphasis of Karma Phala Tyaga

Emphasis of Karma Phala Tyaga

The word karma in the case of a human being means the work done to earn money, which is essential for his food and offering the food to the guest. Money required for the self and his family is called ‘sareera yatra’ in Gita. Money required to prepare food to offer to the guest is called ‘yajna karma’. The word karma in Gita was used in these two meanings in the context of a human being (sareera yatra pichate, yajnah karma samudbhavah). Therefore the fruit of the work means only money.

The first mantra of the first Upanishad speaks about enjoyment and sacrifice of money (kasyasvit dhanam). The mantra says that the entire creation is the wealth of the Lord and one should store the money for his minimum enjoyment and the rest should be sacrificed to the Lord who comes in the human form for His mission to uplift this world. The second mantra says that one should continuously work and earn. Vasista said that money is the root of all this worldly family bonds (Dhanamulamidam jagat). When money is absent all the family members will leave you. All the family members and relatives approach you only due to money just like the frogs are present in the tank when it is full of water.

The ‘Srichakram’ means the wheel that surrounds the money. Therefore when the sacrifice of money comes into the picture, all the fraud devotees will run away because in their hearts the attraction to the family bonds exists as solidified darkness. Only the true devotees will stand, in whose hearts the darkness is removed and the light of divine knowledge exists. The Lord came in human form and tested ‘Saktuprasta’ in the sacrifice of the food, which is another form of money. In draught he could secure a little flour and he was fasting for the past ten days. He was not tested in any other way of words and mind (japa, parayana, dhyana etc.). A real devotee will stand in this root test and this is the real fire test.

If the bond with the money is cut, all the worldly bonds are cut, since money is the root of this whole ‘samsara’. The fraud devotees want to escape this test and therefore interpreted the ‘karmaphala’ as the fruit of prayers, japa, parayana, dhyana etc. The eyes in this world not at all see such fruit. Therefore such fruit of work done by words and mind is unreal. There is no difficulty to sacrifice such unreal fruit. Therefore they misinterpreted the ‘karmaphalatyaga’ as leaving a spoon of water in the plate after doing such work by words and mind. Some people have fooled the ignorant people by doing such works and get the ‘Gurudakshina’. They are selling the unreal fruit for the real money, by promising that the fruits of their sins will be removed and results of good deeds, which were not done, will be attained.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
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