Correct Path to see and realize the Supreme Lord

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In this article we shall what is the way to see and realize the lord as told by great saints who have seen and realized the lord.
“The Purpose or Goal of human birth is to seek and realize the Lord within this human body”. – Saint Avvaiyaar.
“Kingdom of heaven is within” – Bible.
The core message of all scriptures and the meaning of all the code words in the scriptures is to look for the Lord within our human body. Only when one sees and realize the lord within him, he can see the lord everywhere.
What is the correct way to see the Supreme Lord who is as supreme Light?
Tiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar in his divine songs in TiruVarutpa has sung about the correct way and the incorrect way with which one tries to reach the Lord.
Below is the transliteration of the song and the explanation given to the song by Gnana Sarguru Tiru Siva Selvaraj Ayya in his book “Tiruvarutpa Theen –first Volume” which contains the explanation for the songs in Tiruvarutpa.
Transliteration of the Song:
“Kaanbathu karuthi maaloodu malarvaazh
Kadavular iruvarum thangal
Maanbathum maari vaeruru eduthum
Vallal nin uru arinthileerae” – Tiruvarutpa
In order to see the Supreme Lord, lord Vishnu took the form of pig and kept digging his way deep inside the under worlds and he still could not find the Lord. Lord of Creation Brahma took the form of bird “Annam” and kept going higher and higher in the sky but still he could not find him. This is the puranic story in the scriptures. What does this mean?
In the human body some people think that they are doing Thavam-Yoga, by concentrating or focusing their mind in the region between Anus and end part of spinal cord. Lord Vishu going down in the form of pig to find the Lord beneath indicates this. The Supreme Lord cannot be found there.
Still others focus/concentrate their mind in the top most part of head. By the practice of Pranayama they stop their breath. This is very dangerous. Lord Brahma going above indicates this. You can never see the lord in this way. But in today’s world there are more people who follow either of these two paths. Never can the lord be realized by these ways.
Meditation on either top of head or in the bottom will not help one to see or realize the lord. Similarly controlling breath also will not lead one to the Lord.
Similarly doing Asanas or Pranayamas will not help one to realize the supreme Lord. Here is what Siddhar Tirumoolar tells about Yoga
“Even if one does yoga for 8000 years he cannot see and realize the divinity in the eyes. Only if you see within yourself with the light you can realize that he is mixed in you” – Saint Tirumoolar.
Saint Vallalar has also clearly bought out this in his divine work Tiruvarutpa.
“Merely reading the religious text will lead only to confusion. Only by looking within us through the divine light of eyes will the truth be revealed. Our eyes are the spiritual gift to us by the Supreme Lord.” – Vallalar in TiruVarutpa
“God is as light , walk in the light and you can see the lord”. – Bible.
So all the saints have told the same thing which is as below:
Only in the center of the pupil of eyes can the lord who is as divine soul light can be seen and realized. One needs a Guru for this. After getting the soul light of the Guru through his eyes and by doing penance on this divine light (lotus feet of lord) can one go inside through the eyes and can see and realize the lord there.
If you catch the feet, head will come down to lift you isn’t. Similarly if you catch the Lotus feet of Lord, Lord’s head will come to you. The Lord will show you his divine foot and head within you. You can see the divine lord in your eyes itself.
First is the vision of Lotus Feet of lord and then the vision of divine head of Lord.
Catching hold of divine light of eyes is the surrender towards Lord. Only by doing penance this way is the way to the lord.
The soul light in the pupil of eyes which is in sutchumam can be caught hold by getting divine consciousness through Tiruvadi Deekshai (Bapitizing) through a Guru.
Vallalar tells this initiation as :
“Open the spiritual lock in the middle of your eyes through a Gnana Sarguru and get the divine consciousness in the pupil of your eyes.” – Vallalar in TiruVarutpa
Jesus calls this as baptizing by fire and holy spirit.
After initiation Penance/Thavam has to be done in this way:
“With eyes kept open and thinking again and again on the divine light in the pupil of eyes with the help of divine consciousness got by the grace of Guru and then merging our mind in this divine consciousness is the Penance of Gnana.” as told by Vallalar in Gnana Sariyai.
For doing the above penance one has to be pure in his words, deeds and action. One should never take Non-Vegetarian foods and should completely abstain from the following five great sins of killing, stealing, Lying, Alcoholism and smoking and illegal lust. In short one should strictly follow morality and virtuousness.
Penance done with devotion as told above will help one to quickly reach and realize the Lord. This is the only way to reach and realize the Lord.
Any other path followed sincerely will lead to this path and only through this path the supreme lord can be seen.