Coronavirus - Good Health - Stress – Meditation and Our Immune System

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Coronavirus - Good Health - Stress – Meditation and Our Immune System

With the entire world struggling will the Coronavirus, I thought that this information from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council would be of value.

The Council: If you have a positive mental attitude, then the physical body, the tool that you use, is in a more desirable condition to function properly. The state of mind that you have, an example, depression, a dislike for much of what you find yourself in, such as employment, family, or friends, if there is a less than positive feeling there or less than a positive attitude, it slows the physical body down, the functioning of the physical body, all the chemical interactions, the electrical impulses created by the combination of the chemicals of the body, and eventually if this is allowed to continue over a prolonged period, it begins to affect the chemical combinations and their need to relate to each other and interact with each other, thus the immune system goes down. Once the immune system goes down, then you have fertile ground for sickness.

Now, with a more positive attitude, a more loving attitude, a more joyful attitude, the ability to laugh at yourself first and then laugh at others or others' situations, and when we say "laugh at others" not in a demeaning way but in a sharing way, this bolsters the entire system. It fortifies the physical body. It adds a natural stimulant to the physical body, thereby putting it into what we could loosely call a higher gear or a more efficient state, thereby giving you the ability to ward off sicknesses of one kind or another.

The stress is what throws the system off. Stress is actually the killer of the physical body. It is the infector of the physical body. Once stress overtakes the physical body, then it throws the immune system off. It throws the entire system off, but it weakens, absolutely weakens the immune system, which opens the door then for all manner of sicknesses.

One of the best preventive maintenances for the physical body is daily meditation. If one were to incorporate that into their daily routine, they would have much less sicknesses. So, if you consider a health maintenance program, by all means, it would have to have meditation incorporated into it. Very few of your medicines actually cure. In most cases, they simply eliminate or cover up the symptoms, thereby relieving the additional stress and allowing the natural healings of the body itself to do the rest. Now, that is in most cases. So, if this is the basis of modern day medication, why not take a daily dosage of meditation and be one step ahead?