Corners turn

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Are we like a book?
Do we have a beginning and do we have an end?
Do we split our life up into chapters?
Do we allow others to read us?
If we were a book, how long would our stories be?
Do we slow down our stories and make them boring?
Do we let our stories be dictated and told for us?
Are we the authors of our own work?
Are we Action, romance, comedy?
Will people turn the corners down on pages of our lives?
Will they go back and quote from stories we have told?
Will others want to hear about these stories?

We are all masters and authors of our own work

With our souls as pens, we shall write!

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Automatically generated books

You know, computer science experts are working on simulators that automatically generate books according to certain formulas and patterns. This is similar to the system of writing shallow standard scripts to typical Hollywood films.

If we are books then we are certainly such generated books or scripts. Nothing more.

kamil | Thu, 01/05/2012 - 19:34
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Great Author!!!!

We all are created masters of our own special creativity by God...If we come to know about our in born talent(Innate quality) and explore it then certainly we are a GREAT author!!!!

bonya basu | Fri, 01/06/2012 - 12:07