Controversy about Sathya Sai Baba's death date etc

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O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

There are a few controversies, which appeared recently regarding the death of the body of Baba.

1) The controversy is that Baba told that He will live up to 96 years, but the death is preponed by about ten years.

An astrologer told that Baba lived up to 96 years according to the theory of the cycle of 27 stars. So much strain is not necessary in this issue. God has full freedom to postpone or prepone the lifetime of any human being including the human incarnation. It is not like the one hour bell for a teacher in the classroom.

The case of the divine preacher is different. Generally, we find the teacher spending leisurely the rest of the period if the topic is over since he cannot quit the class before time. He is bound by the rules of the institution. But, if the principal enters and speaks for sometime, there is no binding on the time. Whenever the principal finishes his speech, he can quit at anytime and the concerned teacher follows the rest of the period. The human incarnation is the head of the creation.

In fact, the life period of any human being can be preponed or postponed by God. If the human being is found to be useful, its life is extended. If the human being is found useless, its life is shortened and is thrown into the lives of birds and animals, which live only to eat and sleep. The extension and shortening of life period is mentioned in the ethical scripture also. It says that if you sleep after sunrise, your life is shortened. It also says that your life is extended if you serve the elders. Therefore, the life period is not a fixed item. Baba might have preponed the exit since He found that the humanity will not change really and might have been vexed with the changeless behavior of the human beings.

2) Another issue is that why He saluted the devotees with folded hands on the last occasion.

You can find a similar situation in the case of Jesus also. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples on the last occasion of His departure. Jesus explained the reason of His such act. Jesus wanted that the disciples should never become egoistic and should treat their disciples with respect always. The devotees are human beings and their devotees are also human beings. One human being should respect the other human being. The case of Baba is different. Baba is God and the devotees are human beings.

Baba need not respect His devotees. But, later on, some of His disciples may have again disciples and they may imitate Baba thinking themselves also as human incarnations. All these points stand as the basis for such acts of Jesus and Baba. Baba is giving the message that you should express gratefulness to anybody irrespective of the status. Baba is also giving the message that you should remain as devotee only with folded hands before God. You should never claim that you are the human incarnation with a blessing hand always, falling in the trap of the praise of your disciples.

3) Another issue is that Baba told that He will rise after three days from death of His body.

Even in the case of Jesus, such a statement was made and this shows the similarity between Baba and Jesus. Shirdi Sai Baba also rose after three days after death. This miracle is not necessary in the case of Baba, who arose a dead person, which shows that Baba is the controller of the life. When Baba can rise other dead persons, can’t He rise Himself? Both the miracles establish the same concept. The point is that whether Baba can do it or not.

If it is established by one type of miracle that Baba can do it, another type of miracle establishing the same concept need not be done again. For a wise person, one miracle, which is an unimaginable event, is sufficient to understand that the unimaginable God exists in that body. Rama has not done any miracle except one i.e., converting the stone into a woman by the touch of His foot. Is this one miracle not sufficient to establish that Rama is God?

All the sages understood Rama as God because they are learned scholars. Rama performed this miracle in presence of the sage Vishwamitra and Vishwamitra propagated this miracle to other sages. Krishna performed many miracles. But there were many enemies for Krishna. Kauravas saw the top-most miracle, which was the cosmic vision, but still did not believe Krishna as God thinking that it is illusion of eye. For a human being, with the faculty of intelligence working, demonstration of one unimaginable event is sufficient. For human beings, burning with ego and jealousy, even if thousand miracles are demonstrated, all will be treated as magic or illusion of the eye.

4) Some people say that Baba was harmed by some of His followers.

Is this possible? Can a human being harm God? Assuming that somebody harmed Baba, it must be the will of Baba only. Jesus was crucified by some people and it was done by the will of God only. If there is any sin in the followers, God will take care of it by giving punishment in the appropriate time. Why should you worry about it? You follow all the messages of Baba and try to practice so that God will be pleased with you and you will be protected by the grace of Baba. You are wasting your valuable time and energy in unnecessary things neglecting the essential aspects related to your future welfare.

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This is the controversy?

This is the controversy? This is a parody.

The controversy was in his life, the controversy was the fact that so many people followed this empty spirituality despite of all the controversies.

Jasmin | Sun, 05/01/2011 - 07:05
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The program of Baba

When the programs are different, the nature and behavior of the human incarnation also differs as per the requirement of the specific program. The program of Rama was to preach the human behavior in the society and hence, acted like an ideal human being following the rules of justice, established by Himself i.e., God. Rama preached Pravrutti through practice only. Krishna came to show Nivrutti and exhibited the potencies of God. He violated the rules of justice to show that He is the rule maker and that the rule maker alone can violate rules. By this, Krishna also tested the faith of His devotees in Nivrutti.

The programs were so different that even Hanuman failed to identify Krishna as Rama. In the case of Shirdi Sai Baba and [Satya Sai] Baba, the program is one and the same except slight difference in the dress. It is a big surprise to see some devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba do not have faith in [Satya Sai] Baba. God comes down in different situations and hence, His behavior also differs slightly or more as per the need of the time and followers.

The taste and the mental set-ups differ from one human being to the other. Even though the chemical composition is one and the same, somebody likes one vegetable and does not like the other. Liking towards a specific vegetable is not wrong, but, disliking the other vegetable to the extent of criticizing and scolding hurts others. Similarly, you may like one human form of God and it is not wrong. But, if you dislike other human form of God and criticize it, the religious disputes start, which will disturb the balance of the society (Pravrutti). For God, both Pravrutti and Nivrutti are important, which are like the stage and the drama enacted on it respectively. Where is the drama if the stage is broken? Pravrutti is the basis of Nivrutti. You have to follow Rama to please Krishna. Rama is the path and Krishna is the goal. Therefore, God comes down mainly to establish Pravrutti only and Nivrutti is an associated activity. Pravrutti is related to the main lot of the humanity. Nivrutti relates only to a few top-most devotees. If you observe the efforts of Baba, most of them are concentrated on Pravrutti only. He always tried to establish justice and hence, is called as ‘Sai Ram’. I did not hear anybody speaking ‘Sai Shyam’.

Through the demonstration of miracles, He always attacked the negative effects of science, which are the fundamentals of atheism and became tremendously strong these days. Through speeches, Baba tried to establish the human values and morals, which are the pillars of Pravrutti. To establish Pravrutti, He went to the extent of saying that Pravrutti itself is Nivrutti. As far as Nivrutti is concerned, Baba gave the directions individually to some devotees. In fact, every human incarnation comes for the establishment of Pravrutti only, which is purely concerned with humanity only. Nivrutti is related to both God and humanity.
The love between human beings is Pravrutti. The love of human being to God is Nivrutti. God never encourages Nivrutti because nobody encourages others to love him or her. It is an aspect related to others only. In fact, God discourages Nivrutti and sometimes even opposes to know the strength of your love to Him.

Nivrutti is always taught by Him on your request only. His expectation is Pravrutti only and if you follow Pravrutti, even some gifts like heavenly pleasures are given by Him. If you follow Nivrutti, He creates several problems to discourage you so that your force in Nivrutti is evaluated. Nivrutti is certainly higher and in fact, is the highest of all. But, when people fail in Pravrutti itself, how Nivrutti can be thought of?

When you are looting the public without any consideration for the poor, can we expect you to sacrifice for the sake of God? Even if you sacrifice, it is only to trap God and loot Him for higher profit. If you have some attitude of some sacrifice towards your co-human beings, certainly you will have at least the same extent of sacrifice to a specific co-human being in which God exists. Therefore, Pravrutti is the basis of Nivrutti. You do not sacrifice anything for the deserving co-human being because you may not get anything in return. Such a fellow you are and can we imagine yourself to sacrifice to God without expecting anything in return? Therefore, Baba introduced the concept of service to humanity without expecting anything in return. Unless you are trained in Pravrutti to do service without expecting anything in return, you cannot succeed in Nivrutti to have the same attitude. Baba did such great service to humanity, which shall be an eye-opener to the rulers of government.

They should examine themselves about the goal of their service, which has whether selfishness or sacrifice for the humanity. They can cheat the public but not the omniscient God and certainly will receive the punishment for looting and the subsequent cheating. If this single point is learnt from Baba by the present rulers and officials of government, God need not incarnate for Pravrutti.

You are saving crores and crores in Swiss bank, while the beggars are dying with hunger and you cannot dream Nivrutti. When you fail in the examination with zero marks, how can you expect the gold medal? The expectations of the preaching of Baba are mainly towards the rulers and officials of the government, who should observe the way of service of Baba to humanity. Baba stressed on every human being to change the attitudes and the best title for Baba would be ‘THE KING OF KINGS’.
At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

dattaswami2 | Sun, 05/01/2011 - 11:56