Continuing Light

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"As it is faultless, the great Tao can be attained... "

Vague at first then becoming clear
creativity grows, growth bears friut...
"Then true yin and true yang join:
Within rapture there is form,
within ecstasy there is vitality -
the primordial energy comes
from within nothingness,
congealing into a pearl...
if the self can follow the other,
the other can follow the self
before we can obtain anything
we must first learn to give...

"Where is there any fault in the path of following
that bears fruit through rectitude?"

One can see how easily such meanings could be misconstrued,
particularly in todays goddess focused culture arising from
the influences of western magic and new age thinking.
The ecstasy and rapture of awakening is not necessarily
a tantric equation as so many would have us to believe.

Stream of consciousness or continuing light
from stillness into motion find time for clarity
to become present then nothing you do won't
fail to be centered or balanced... The I Ching says
many things, it's light shines on all things yet
it is the timing which is of utmost importance
knowing when and why to act with understanding
that is the seceret of embodying the light not holding
or clinging to experience that is forever changing
in a flash we see stillness in motion what greater
peace can there be but this? Being cognizant of
the energies of change as they are present in the
mysterious Now... there is the Big Picture, that
ah ha moment of all things present at once where
suddenly everything makes sense this is the Mind of Tao.

"Being in place means being immutable, stabilized in
the right way. Thought that is properly stabilized
encompases all reason and responds to all things."

"Though one thing all day, never being out of place, it is
as though there were no thought. Indeed, when you know
the One, all tasks are done...How many students in the
world know the One?"

"It is important that all thoughts stop in their proper place,
and do not lose their original reality."

"If practioners of the Tao are able to think in their place, the
mind of Tao is ever-present and the human mentality is forever
quiescent; no external objects can influence them, so there
is not harm to thought."

"Do-nothing quietists may say they forget about things and
forget their own bodies, not thinking at all; but this has nothing
to do with the Tao of nature and life of body and mind, and is
also one form of being out of place."

It seems a simple thing movement in fluid motion
not only for health and vitality but also and perhaps
more importantly to approach the awakened life...

Do not cling to forms the objective is intuitive healing
over obstructions... we know without knowing, free from
any semblance of conditional being, this is the truest
freedom in becoming open and receptive yet capable in
flexibility and strength... though you may appear stuck
in temporal mundanity there is always a way forward
Start at the beginning go to the end then stop...
But for those who would attempt to put a name on it
miss the moment in clarity; make time for clarity, allow
existance to flow through active meditaiton...simply
because we are still within doesn't mean there is no
need for movement in fluid motion or creative expression.

"'Light' is inner illumination, 'continuing light' is outward
illumination. What does light illumine? It simply illumines
the inherent quality of open awareness without obscurity."

"When one is open and aware, this inner quality or virtue
is already illumined, and truthfulness within reaches outside,
so that nothing can deceive one, nothing can burden one;
one illumines the four quarters and sees everything as clearly
as if it were in the palm of one's hand."

What can compare to that good fortune?

The Taoist I Ching