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These days it has become fashionable to decry Knowledge with certain new age words as Awareness, being Present etc but the preeminent place it held for ancient Seers (Sages who knew) can be known from the simple fact that he was called a Gyani. Though Vedanta means end of knowledge it does not negate it for we hear such questions as :-

"Yenasrutam srutam bhavati, amatam matam, avijnatam vijnatam iti:"Do you know That, by which the unheard becomes heard, the unthought becomes thought?""Do you know That, by knowing which, everything is known? "(Chhandogya Upanishad)

“To know means to know all. Not to know all means not to know. In order to know all, it is only necessary to know a little. But, in order to know this little, it is first necessary to know pretty much.” G.I. Gurdjieff

Ramana Maharshi too says that though Self is by its very nature the Knower and cannot be known but Vittri Gyan as I I I (Aham Sphuran) is the first stage.

As ignorance or erroneous knowledge keeps us bound the antidote is to 'Know' correctly and it is here that Contemplation (Manana) has a place in Vedantic (three fold) instructions of Shravana (Hearing) and Nidhidhyasana (Absorption). Contemplation unlike meditation is a loving Enquiry or dwelling on Scriptural guidelines as given by competent Teachers. When one is absorbed in such a loving Contemplation Knowledge dawns which is first hand and is seen in a flash.