A consciousness can only be created by a consciousness

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First we must agree on the meaning of the term consciousness. Isn't consciousness a non-physical identity which represents the object and is aware of something, not necessarily of its presence or itself?

The claim is that every object has such consciousness associated with it.

This is a very radical claim.

At first, this claim sounds improbable given the fact that objects are just forms defined on matter, they exist only virtually and only because we notice them as such or we manufactured them.

Let's take for example a table. A table is an object, an object manufactured by a man. How can such an artificial object have consciousness? Just because we grasp it as an object it will have consciousness?

Well, surprisingly enough, the answer is yes. A consciousness can only be created by a consciousness. It's created for each object viewed as an object by a consciousness.

If we return to our example with the table, the table has consciousness not because it was designed/manufactured by a consciousness but because it was grasped as an object by that consciousness.

This is not a theory, it's a fact you can easily test by yourself. Just be aware of your mechanism of forming objects on top of the inputs from your senses and see what happens.

By the way, Quantum Physics says more or less the same.

Think of the implications.