Consciousness & Time

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"It is true,
you can realize
that you are consciousness
in this instant.

And you should realize
that you are consciousness
in this instant.

It takes no time at all.
You simply turn your attention
back on to what is here prior to thinking
and immerse yourself in that.

But what takes time
is remaining in that.

For thoughts will continue to arise
and if you are attached to those thoughts,
if you identify with those thoughts that arise
you will be pulled out of consciousness
back into being a separate 'me.'

So you taste pure being
then you are jerked out of it
back into thinking identification.
Then when you see you are caught up,
you find your way back to awareness.

You practice keep coming back
until you can either remain a witness
to everything that arises
or remain so rooted in the Self
that thinking does not touch you.

And this takes time.
It takes lots of time
sitting in meditation
and perhaps also
a lot of other practices
that help purify the body and mind.

And then beyond this
what also takes time
is the body and mind
becoming enlightened.

By remaining in bliss
or remaining in pure consciousness,
your body becomes infused in Shakti.
Your mind becomes infused in Shakti
so that they become enlightened.

So that the mind itself recognizes
it is made of consciousness.
So that the body moves
as energy itself.

Because although it is nice
to be able to step out of yourself
into pure consciousness,
you also want to bring that pure consciousness
into all aspects of living.

You want this bliss
to permeate everything.

And this takes time.
The body and mind goes through purification
to allow Shakti to flow through
and then it becomes Shakti itself.

Much love,


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