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Just as there are healers of body, there are healers of consciousness. Some teachers act in such capacity. Being in or connecting with their presence can have necessary effects on an individual who needs such healing. There are dynamics at play in the overall consciousness or awareness of individuality. The environment we are in has a consciousness that pervades it. The little consciousnesses of insects, the consciousness of plants, of animals, the thoughts of people around us(however near or far), the emotional or astral impressions of all these things, past and present, have an effect on individual awareness or consciousness, along with many, many, and all other things. We all have a sensitivity that registers all these things because our Consciousness IS all these things. In some it is more pronounced than others, whether they have an awareness of it or not, to the extent they will feel such things as the fear of an animal being hunted as if it was themselves being hunted. I'm sure the qualities of empathy are at play too, but, there is a difference in this expanded state of consciousness or awareness. With the dynamics at play that can serve to weigh us down, it is a testament to the very greatness of human consciousness as we are, and our role we play. We are indeed truly great beings, especially, as we allow our potential to manifest.

When you are around someone with an expanded awareness, your awareness will be affected. As stated, many teachers serve in this capacity. This allows the seeker or individual to function in a certain state of consciousness so that they may continue to make or to accelerate progression on their path. The "awareness" of these teachers is a very peculiar thing. They are not limited by the normal constraints of ego, yet are limited by the laws or truths that govern their awareness..Very peculiar to witness as some here may have themselves. Could be a reason why it is so cumbersome to get a straightfoward simple freaking answer sometimes. ;)

Teachers such as these are also "limited" by the awareness of others, too. It's not that they are necessarily limited. It seems to have more to do with the free will of others to be who and how they are since all is the manifestation of "God" in their eyes. God is free to be who and whatever, and they abide by this. When God is a seeker though, and chooses their guidance, then of course they will serve God, but, only to the extent they are allowed. Perhaps this is one way to distinguish between the different "types" of gurus without having to go broke in the process, become psychologically harmed, or spiritually drained.

It also seems important to note that these healers of consciousness may only serve to heal what is needed to be healed. One doesn't go to the proctologist over an over again for headaches. Perhaps that is why there are so many guru types. Although, perhaps it may take a lifetime to receive the healing that is needed. May the Law of Grace intercede for those who would like the quicker route and may the Supreme Healer take you under Their Wing.

My apologies to those whom this does not serve. It is written as an observation and witness of things experienced, for which it may have it's limitations.


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As human being aim of life should be known to and what kind of help these healers may provide for the fulfillment of our such selected aim. Consciousness in individual entity is of two types said in the book called 'SERPENT POWER' Commentary written by Justice John Woodroff on fourteenth century original book named 'SHAT CHAKRA NIRUPANA'. These two are 1. embodied consciousness, 2. bodiless consciousness.Individual consciousness entity is called 'soul' as explained in micro-metaphysics. Serpent Power is called Kundalini-Shakti (primordial energy) in us. Body is a material of universal stuff comprising of 5 natural elements which are -1.earth, 2.water, 3.air, 4.fire, 5.ether.This prakriti (of 5 elemental) is called aparaa power of God as having been explained in Gita by Sri Krishna.Other power of God calling paraa shakti is comprised of three subtle elements---1.mind, 2.intellect, 3.ego. Our individual bodies are made of these 8 elements; further + to it, is soul and Kundalini.All these make us the complete human beings as present we have now been. This body is the wrapper of soul on account of this wrapper we are in bondage from immemorial period.With our ephemeral demise of body the cause of body as our karmas (embodied consciousness beyond seeing of alive persons) becomes seed for getting another body; hence, we get new births alongwith new bodies.To come out of this body wrapper is to be called bodiless consciousness which is called the great liberation (moksha).This moksha is our life aim. Moksha is our supreme goal.Healers etc. cannot give any kind of help to us in this concern (the moksha purpose).

NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 09/12/2009 - 11:16