Conscious Evolution: From Nothing to Objective Reason part 3.

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Everyone can have some subjective conception of existence, determined by his subjective experience, research, and education. But the real sense of life continues to be what it was from the beginning- immutable and independent from man’s subjective opinions.
We can believe, that when we die, we’ll fall into total emptiness, nothing, that we’ll continue our existence in Heaven or Hell depending on our actions during our physical life. We can also believe that we will be transferred into new dimensions where we’ll learn new things, before we return to continue our existence on Earth, lost in a never-ending cycle of rebirths to realize the absolute truth, or that we must struggle to achieve a Soul. Or we can believe that the Archangel Michael from the Pleiades will come with his flying source and take our “astral body” to bring us to a place where beings live in the Fourth Dimension. It doesn’t matter what our opinion is, because it is influenced by our culture, tradition, beliefs, or the specific “sensing”: an objective reality exists, and if our heart stops pumping, something objective would really happen – Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation, our life taken by the Moon, a cheerful brigade of Pleiadians or the Nothing. The objective would manifest itself despite of all our opinions, hopes, and beliefs.
That’s objective! The true nature of things, more ancient and vast of human theories and subjective concepts. “Objective” means “real”. We can change terms and philosophical conceptions, theories, religion, systems, or expound our “truth” on Facebook or Twitter or on other networks…who cares? Reality would not change. Objective remains what it is – as it is.
In such an objective state of consciousness, a man can enter into the Real World, detached by the dreams and subjective thoughts that bring us far from the reality that is here, now, one inch from our noses. So, this is a state in which one can perceive the reality of all phenomena, of ourselves and the world which surrounds us. This is the real transcendence of all our illusions about wholeness.
This is not my opinion, I’m not so arrogant and pompous to speak about such things, as some described in my posts, without any sense of remorse. This is what people who have “relatively” reached this state who explained to me, and…how do I know that those individuals have reached such a state? Anyone who has made some contact with similar persons can understand how, and can also understand the real meaning of getting in contact with what is defined in the Fourth Way System C-Influence. This is a contact with the real source of real “Knowing”. C-Influence means a source of objective knowing that, as explained by the same term, can influence our state of consciousness and bring us to the possibility to achieve a better state of awareness and consciousness. You can really feel for the first time in your life some glimpse of truth (and this can be reached only by those who have developed an attitude of an empirical nature).
It is not a “School” that allows contacts with such influence, but who teaches in that school: it doesn’t matter if this is a Fourth Way, Buddhist, Taoist, Yoga, or other qualitative ancient system. The source is important, and this source is related by who teaches, not by the name of a school. And, the last thing I wish for all of us (including myself) is to not fall into illusions shared by fictional Gurus or “Prophets”, able only to sell illusions to those who follow them. Not one of us need this. I don’t wish for anyone such an experience. Some of you could take this as a sort of Heresy, and put to me every kind of Anathema. “Who’s that naïve child that writes such idiocy?” But, again, this would be only a subjective reaction, but the truth remains always the same.
I would like to finish this text explaining the meaning used when I wrote above about individuals who reached “relatively” some degree of that consciousness. Yes, there are logically different degrees of Objective Consciousness. Discover empirically (from first hand experience) the causes covered behind the phenomena of life, knowing the real human nature in his Universal, and not personal meaning…these are different levels of objective experience. Objective consciousness depends on the broadmindedness of one’s experimentation. Once we have an approximate idea of such a state, we understand that the limits of this experience depends on the individual’s capacities to expand it.
There are many stories about ancient masters capable of travelling to higher dimensions of consciousness completely strange to common men, and entered into contact with other forms of life. There’s the story explained by Fritz Peters about an experience after the Second World War when he was healed in a moment by Gurdjieff from a nervous breakdown. The master sent to him some kind of blue energetic ray, and all his pains disappeared in a moment.
Belief or not in those things is irrelevant, because the reality remains always the same: as it is. Those who could live in states of awareness might not really be interested if we believe or not. Seeking the truth means stopping to give importance to our ideas, stop to identify ourselves with the safeness of our opinions: it’s the development of an Objective Reason despite of all dogmas imposed from religions, philosophies, society or many development systems. Reality never changes, it is always there, always one, always the same. It’s our choice if we decide to discover this reality passing from the field of effects to the field of the causes, or to remain as we are now, immersed in our subjective beliefs, at the mercy of a reality that shows to our beliefs, the same interest we show to insects.