Conscious Evolution: From Nothing to Objective Reason part 2.

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Still, our illusory life loses its meaning when we become aware of the fact that we haven’t the qualities we think we have. It’s my subjective opinion that the meaning of life might be to attain at least the third state of consciousness, or self-awareness, and this state is not often a subject of our experiences; it can be naturally experienced for few and rare moments as a result of external influences such as when we feel a real danger or during intense, unexpected or traumatic situations. But these experiences are only a low degree of the awareness one can achieve with conscious labor.
Self-remembering is the empirical understanding of what we really are independently of the conditioned ideas we have of ourselves. It’s an “I am” said with a full and conscious understanding of its meaning, not an illusory perception of a small “I”, but the perception of our unity in a real “I” behind the appearances and conditioning acquired during our past experiences. The main feature of this state of awareness is its non-mechanical reaction to external stimulus. A man becomes objective in regard to himself. He perceives the reality of his emotions, thoughts and aspirations. When someone tells us about this level of consciousness, we usually say that this state is well known: that happens because in every moment we confuse the intense identification with an “I” or a group of “I’s” to our true nature.
Society doesn’t provide education about the fragmented personality. We are not aware of a possible existence independent of the identifications. Honestly, human beings in general, haven’t any idea of what they really are nor the fact that they have the possibility to develop a stable and permanent center of wakeful awareness in themselves.
In ancient times, the East substantially accepted the idea of the ignorance about one’s nature. Ancient disciplines such as Indo-Tibetan Yoga had the aim to lead the practitioners from a walking state to self-remembering and, from this state to the objective consciousness, the fourth and last state known. This state is as far as possible of what we can imagine by our ordinary situation, and is almost impossible to explain in words. But, perhaps we can define the meaning of the term “objective”. So, objective is…”what it is – as it is”…an immutable reality that is not interpreted by ourselves, and it remains as it is independently of our opinions.