Confused & Between Jobs

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Dear Laina,

You are in my thoughts and words almost daily and your guidance at POA is helping me change my life, present moment by present moment. Thank you! At the moment, I am taking steps to leave my current employer (albeit baby steps). I do appreciate the good things it provides such as money, experience and interaction with some positive people. But I am honestly struggling with the perceived "attacks" to my person, by the negativity and mental abuse, duplicity, from controlling individuals at work.

I understand that I create my reality and I am allowing these feelings and thoughts to rise within me. But there are times, when I "think" I am rising above or I am handling these situations, but more often than not, I allow these negative things to get the best of me. To me, it is not fun and easy. It is un-fun and difficult. To counteract these thoughts, I think: "I want to honor my God given expression through my desires and actions." This is where I become confused as to how to be at peace and centered with these conflicting messages within myself. How do I enjoy the present moments while spending 8 - 10 hours a day at my day job, which, overall, I dislike? I hope this makes sense.

Thanks again.

Confused & Between Jobs.

Dear Confused & Between Jobs,

If you understand that you create your own reality then why are you allowing these feelings and thoughts to rise within you? Now I’m the one confused…lol!

Actually, what you are experiencing makes perfect sense at this stage in your journey. I’ve been there and done that. I still go there from time to time, but not for very long. Because I deliberately choose to live in peace and I am at ease with what is.

Peace happens when my thoughts are in alignment with what is taking place outside of me. The reason you feel confused is because you are the creator of your own conflicting messages and that discord will puts you in an “un-fun and difficult” state.

It’s time to stop the madness….Shift and Lift! If I were in your current situation, I would see this situation as a game.
First, I would stop using low vibe words such as attack, negativity, mental abuse, duplicity, and controlling. Instead, I would use a higher vibe description statement like, these people are nuts!
Next, I would, with child-like wonder, look at everything as an opportunity to learn how to be with what is. If I can find fun and ease in this environment, then I can find fun and ease anywhere else! Remember the saying: wherever you go, there you are.

I would also welcome every single perceived irritation as a reminder to stop giving others the power to determine my feelings. I would create my own internal peace by acknowledging that I am no longer a good fit for this company, and I would deliberately use every irritation as an invitation to stop taking “baby-steps” and instead put the job search into high-gear. All the while, recognizing that I get to honor my God given talents, here and now!

Fun and easy is a state of being. It’s Being with what is and owning that your thoughts about a situation determine your level of fun. You can have fun at level 1 or at level 10. But fun is fun and its way more easy than being confused or upset. You see, the situation and the people are not going to change for you. However, when you summon the Power of Awareness, you are deliberately deciding, I AM going to change how I perceive these people and this situation so that I can have more fun and feel at ease with what is. If all else fails, ask yourself, how would Steve Martin deal with this situation?

I encourage you to play long for one week and let me know how it turns out. Remember: you are the only one with the power to decide how you feel. For me, as the creator of my reality, the choice is simple…Life is fun and easy!

Laina Orlando