A Concept in Motion

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A number of years ago, during one of Mr. William Allen LePar’s trances with his source, The Council, we were discussing reality as we understood it. Our goal was to better understand our position as physical beings within the larger scope of a spiritual existence. Sounds very deep and complicated doesn’t it? It really wasn’t. It was just that some of the questioners were seeking a precise description of our true nature within creation. The Council said that it would be impossible to give the finite mind of mankind an accurate picture of something that was, in its truest sense, infinite and indescribable in terms that we could grasp. They said that our vocabulary was not dynamic enough to give a clear understanding. We could easily misinterpret what we were told if they did not keep the description to its simplest form.

The questioners continued to pursue the topic.

Now you must understand a couple of things about The Council. These souls are not only advanced in their spiritual wisdom; they also have a complete understanding of human nature and its unwillingness to “leave sleeping dogs lie.” They have stated on several occasions that it is not their purpose to spoon-feed information to us. We must think, analyze what they say and use our God-given wisdom, look at more than just the answers given. We must always search for the deeper meaning, the meaning beyond just the words. This was one of those times when they decided to give us more than what we asked for, but not necessarily in the way that we had hoped.

The Council said, “If you want to know the essence of what you are we will tell you. What you really are is A Concept in Motion. Now, that ought to keep your heads spinning for quite a while trying to figure that one out.”

At first thought their reply seems fairly simple. But, what does it really tell us? “A concept in motion.”

A concept is a general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences. Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion.

Motion means moving, the change of a body from one position to another, having magnitude and direction, going from one place to another or expanding.

However, in the context that The Council used those terms it’s not so easy, especially when we look deeper. First, how does the term concept apply to human beings? In this case we must go back to the basics of the term concept. It is a thought or group of thoughts that symbolize something unique. We are creations of the Divine, thoughts of the Divine. We are thinking beings that He created, that He gave life, that He set in motion. Ah, the term “in motion.” Does that refer to physical motion. No. The Council is composed of non-physical beings, creations of the Divine just as we. The difference is that they have advanced beyond the need for physical bodies. They are beyond the cycle of reincarnation. But they are also “concepts in motion.” The motion that The Council is referring to is the motion of growth, not physical growth but spiritual growth.

The Council:
"The magnificence of God is beyond human understanding and the enjoyment of God by Himself or His own enjoyment of His unexplainable existence, was so great that He found a need to share it, and so in this need His Love was born and in the out coming of this birth then He created you. Now we use the word "need" and we do not mean it in the sense that God was lacking of something, but you can be so overjoyed, so overwhelmed, that to express this completeness, this total fulfillment, you feel that you must express it in an extension of yourself so that here again you may share in another enjoyment, in another expression, or another uplifting, or in another facet of perception, you see. So because of His Total Love, then, and the desire to even magnify that greater, He created you as a spirit or an entity and in hopes that you then would enjoy this exploration and that through you, His Joy might become even greater, and, thus, He shares even greater with you, so it becomes an unending existence in a conscious state or a conscious elevation of complete and unexplainable sharing and love. So it becomes a setting up of tremendous vibrations which if could be experienced in the physical world, it would completely shatter the entire universe. The power of such Joy, of such a Vibration, if you were to take one second and touch it into all of God's creation it would totally annihilate the entire creation. This would give you only a small idea of its magnitude and its power."

To make sense of this quote we need to define the essence of ourselves. What is it about each of us that is real, that never dies and is the core of our being? What gives us permanency? It is certainly not the physical body. What we must ask is this: What part of our being is constantly working beyond the physical processes that occur in each of us? It is our thinking processes. They never rest even when we are resting. The thinking processes are much more than random events of our lives. Those processes have form and substance. Substance of a non-physical nature, yet it is the essence of our existence. The basis of the thinking processes is the interaction of two elements. The elements that constitute thinking are character and personality. Character is exhibited by our attitudes, what we believe, what we don’t believe, our likes and dislikes. Personality is how we use those thoughts to express ourselves. Character and personality are in a constant state of flux, constantly being modified as we receive and digest sensory input. We could say that our personalities and character are constantly in motion, constantly changing, expanding, and growing.

No two people have exactly the same combination of character and personality. Each of us is a unique concept in the mind of the Divine and as we continue our existence we will continually change and grow spiritually. We are concepts of the Divine that He has set in motion.