A Complaint

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I have a complaint and thought to share with you all. I caught this guy in an act of deceit when he was making us play this game that I was playing by the rules and serious intent. Not with an intent to win or loose as I had known that it must be played in a true spirit but why this deception.

I thought of confronting him one day and told the lie right on his face. Pat came his reply " No one is Forcing you if you don't want don't play." I didn't know what to say and could only utter “But why". Mustering up courage and not wanting to be duped again I said that I would scream and shout and let all the players know his true face. He chuckled and then looking at me said " Be my Guest".

I am sure you can all understand my indignation. Even then I mustered up courage and shouted at some of the players who I thought were wise and would be able to catch the deception if only I pointed it out. Lo and behold to my surprise they gave me that look which would be difficult for me to forget. I could make out from their looks what they were thinking.

Some were thinking I am either mad or too naive. There were others who had a look of pity as if I had messed it up and was probably thrown out. Some others were thinking only if I knew the delight of the game and could savour it like they were though it was very painful at times I would pray and ask for forgiveness.

Some thought I had committed the greatest blasphemy and must repent forthwith. The old man looked at me with a sideward glance and I could see him wallowing in mirth seeing my perplexity.

At last I told him I don't care let those who are interested play your game, I am done and so saying I walked out a free man and felt as if a load had been lifted of my head.

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Bring deceit into the rules and play again!

Use their rules and play by them! And maybe you'll find it more fun if you weren't such a stickler for rules and fair play darling! See the world around you. It doesn't play fair! Its easy to walk away from what you feel is unjust and unfair. But all you sound like is a crybaby! Cheat against cheaters- don't let your morals get in the way and once you can win by deceit, maybe you'll be feared and respected at the same time.
That is when, darling, you will be able to take this stand and make them play by 'honour, integrity and noble values'...
Right now, you sound like a sissy. get real dear. This is the world we live in, and it seldom lives by the rules it makes...
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Wed, 02/29/2012 - 07:38
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Joshi sahab, Dinkar padhiye

Kshma sheel ho ripu samaksh tum hue vinit jitnaa bhi,
Dusht Kauravon ne tumko kaayar samjhaa utnaa hi!

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Wed, 02/29/2012 - 07:42
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Hi Asanga,

This was indeed an attempt on my part to be a little obscure. You have been kind to respond, but it was probably a literal understanding of my message. Please read again for my complaint was to no mortals.

Agar shikwa he krana hai to mati ke putale se kyon. (Why have a relationship of grudge with mere mortals).

Yet I must respond to what you have enunciated as a matter of policy.

Love begets Love but feeling always creates the opposite as a reaction for it moves in polarity.

joejo | Wed, 02/29/2012 - 14:00
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Loosen up man!

Itne gambheer kyon bhai?!
Don't make your journey into a chore. It's an adventure!
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Wed, 02/29/2012 - 16:05
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Rules & Truth

I feel you have a valid point & may be by the Grace of God it may yet happen. Meanwhile let me give you a brief reason why I insist on following the rules and following the path of Truth.

I am a householder who is keen to discover the Truth while continuing a normal life in the marketplace with no specific Practice or Sadhana. Now following rules & staying on the path of Truth generates the necessary Heat or you may euphemistically call it tapasya.

By superficial acquaintance with Fourth way as given by Gurdjieff and the early foundational Christian traditions dating to old Gnostic days shows me that if one follows the path of deception or secrecy then courting, alas but not as later day Christianity did worshiping, suffering becomes mandatory as a substitute to give the necessary friction to produce the Heat so very necessary for transformation.

I would pen my way which employes sticking to rules as a method.

joejo | Thu, 03/01/2012 - 04:21