Common confusions about Guru

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With The grace of Yogi Ashwini my blessed Guru . I want to share with all, some of the questions and confusions I have come across in sadhaks minds about the concept of Guru . The Concept of Guru , has to be understood by any seeker of the higher. And the beauty of this understanding is that , it has to be bestowed upon the seeker by the Guru . I am blessed with this simple understanding by Yogi Ashwini himself. Yogi gave me innumerable experiences and put the ‘gyan’ within my system, this understanding is what I am going to try and share with all.
Foremost of all is that Guru is an energy . This is all pervading , and accessible to the seeker at all times , but is governed by laws of karma . To make my point clear, lets assume the seeker begins to get spiritual experiences and is pleased with his /her journey in the spiritual realm. This seeker then starts missing out on –swadhaya or self evaluation. Here comes the test. Self evaluation is not to be done by ones own self, but actually it is a tool that is in the hands of the Guru. The seeker must , and I say must, present himself/herself before the Guru minimum of 4times a year to a maximum of 365 times a year.
People who have strayed from the path of the Guru , most likely have failed this basic test. I recently met a disciple of a True Yogi , yet this disciple had come to me asking to be taught THE SANATAN KRIYA. I was a little surprised when he told me his Guru’s name. Yogi Ashwini himself holds the name of this Guru in high esteem . I asked him some basic questions and it turned out that this spiritual seeker had not been in front of his Guru’s eyes ( drishti) for more than 5years. Here in lies the catch. No wonder ailments and physical difficulties had crept up to this seeker , in spite of a Guru. In all my 46years I have noticed this failure in seekers over and over again. Yes, there is a threshold after which Guru’s drishti is constantly with the seeker , but unless the Guru himself directs , one must not assume that the threshold has been attained.
Another commonly seen confusion is about the ‘physical body ‘which transmits this Guru energy . In my case the physical body is of Yogi Ashwini . But the challenge for me is to not see Yogi as a physical person, I must communicate with Him , as I would with a ball of golden light.
In a lot of peoples cases I have seen that they stop at the physical dimention of the Guru .
One more very important and some times disturbing experience that a seeker has is when the ‘’physical body which you consider your Guru’’ become unavailable . As in the case of the Guru leaving the physical body , or physical distance , or Guru goes into silence , or any such happening. I have seen sincere seekers confused and pained by such happenings , and when they meet Yogi Ashwini they do not know how to react.
Here are some basic points about Guru –shishya relationship.
1. The basic aim of Guru is spiritual progress of the student.
2. Many births may be used up to attain this progress, the student , as well as the Guru would naturally change bodies along the way.
3. If the Guru energy is revered by the student, then it will take the student exactly where the student can get maximum learning in minimum time.
4. If the basic rules of ‘who a Guru should be’ are fulfilled , the student should not question the intelligence of the omnipotent Guru energy . The Guru energy works with a purpose , and that purpose is students evolution.
5. There are levels to Gurus. The omnipotent Guru energy selects that Guru , who is most suitable to your evolution at that point of time . So , many sadhaks are sent to higher Gurus for the next level of learning , and some are sent for relearning at basic levels back to Gurus who excel in that sort of teaching. These transfers may be in one birth , or spread over many births . I have had the experience of this transfer in this very birth , and the process is crystal clear to me.
6. Where ever you have been sent , giving utmost reverence is of prime importance. I have seen three cases , where the seeker has been transferred but are still not accepting the transfer , and resisting in giving the reverence to the new Guru. This could well be a blunder if not corrected , because the Guru energy will demote the seeker to a more elementary practice , so that the student can learn the basic rule of ‘’reverence’ .
7. Complete faith and surrender to the Guru , in ‘the physical form’ , and the Guru energy in the omnipotent , omnipresent form is a fundamental rule. What ever is ‘happening’ is happening because the Guru ordains it , should be a sadhak’s line of thought .
The above are some of the things that have been clarified to me by Yogi Ashwini . By making me do the Sanatankriya , he has opened new ways of looking at the world. And His continues presence clarifies each thought as it germinates. He has done this for me; he can do this for the whole world.
Another thought that come to my mind is, the feeling of frustration and helplessness, when we do not get our way, and questions about Guru’s love when we are hurt or feel abandoned. Well having experiences this as well, all I would like to share is, dig your heels in. Do not move. Stay where you are; do not give up the practice. Stand in front of your Guru even when you’re emotional and mental state is to run away. Just stay there, SAY NOTHING, JUST BE. Because the Guru energy is the only answer to all the upheaval in your system. Only that energy that flows from the Guru’s eyes can heal the deepest wounds. Once the emotional storm blows over, the perfection of Guru’s wisdom will dawn upon you. So my humble request to all seekers is stand still, HE will never let you drown, however violent or hopeless the storm may be. Sometimes a benevolent Guru churns up the system in a student to bring up the butter. Trust The omnipotent Guru energy, let your boat into this stream of love, and let Him sail you.