Coming Undone in Meditation

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One of the reasons
we sit to meditate
is to strip away
all of the things
that distract us
from this moment.

All of the things
that make us
feel secure
and in control.

That makes us
feel were are getting
we know something
and we are moving in
the right direction.

Because when
we take away
all the things and
all the ways
that empower
this "me"
that we have created
ourselves to be,

then what we are left with
is something that is not secure,
that is not in control.

Something that is not 'together,'
but broken and scattered
and afraid.

Even if you go beyond
the emotional, mental
and psychological,
there is still a sense
of separateness.

But if you can remain
present in all of it.
If you can surrender
to the point
where there is only
surrender left,
then all of this insanity
begins to burn away.

Or you could say
the sanity
and the insanity
are both burned away,
and then what is left
is stillness.

Not a stillness
that is opposite
of movement.

But the stillness
that exists
all movement,

that is realized
because the movement
is fully allowed
and witnessed.

You don't become
a better person
or a different person,
you simply become
your ordinary self
and at the same time
you have awakened to
the fathomless depth
of stillness
that goes with it.

The two cannot
be separated.



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