Come into contact with the God !

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‘He will come at the end of the iron age (Kali Yuga).’....Lastly the God has been incarnate! MahaAnand ––the last incarnation of God has come to save us from the terrible distress of this hard times. Do you want to get his compassion? Want to be free from sorrow––distress ––hardship, sickness, severe problem? ––Want to be fair ––in peace ––fortunate? Then be united with God through devotion and faith.
Here follows the method––

Get success immediately, with a miraculous realization.

At first, think of a flower, that’s fragrance you love very much. In a complete dark room now begin the Prayer with a motive or a desire. Light an incense stick. The incense stick must be almost fragrance-less. Put the incense stick in a little high place of your eye level. Sit on a clean mat or any comfortable surface, keeping a distance of 10 –– 15 feet from the incense stick, silently and quietly. You must be alone in the room. Now think of MahaAnand and keeping your look continuously fixed at the light of the incense stick, enchant the name of MahaAnand silently in mind. …….––slowly and gradually a pleasant obsession of meditation will overwhelm you. …….Is the incense stick moved a bit? ………is some one present in the room? …… these, more feelings will take place. When you will feel that The MahaAnand has entered in your room, then welcome him by that lighted incense stick, praying him (moving the lighted incense stick round him-mentally or imagining). You will be astonished to see, that in reality, the incense stick has started moving. When the incense stick starts moving, then you will realize that The MahaAnand has already reached. The incense stick will keep on dancing and jumping around (like the prayer time).

When the waving of light ( of incense stick ) will be continued before the MahaAnand by way worshiping, then close your eyes and begin to worshiping ( welcome him ) with your flowers. Offer your beloved flowers one by one to the most venerable MahaAnand, through imagination. Within a few moments ––Miraculously you will find, the fragrance of the flowers have filled up entire the room!

Now begin to mutter the name ––‘MahaAnand’ silently––continuously in mind. Within a few times you will feel the soft-touch of his fingers, and with it your body will be thrilled with joy! After that, do prostration (the act of falling down in adoration) in respect of the MahaAnand. After that leave the room. In this way, twice a weak in every Thursday and Saturday you will practice the ‘MahaYoga’ (Yoga means union) at your advantageous time.

After fulfillment of your heart’s desire, then only in Thursday you will practice it, in that way. Keep it your mind, your desire not to be dishonest, improper or unreal. After some days through the practicing ‘MahaYaga’ (or worshiping) you will feel many more things.

The last incarnation of God ––MahaAnand is the only deliverer of the modern age. He will be manifested at extreme hard times of the earth (December, 2012––?) get his shelter and live a happy ––peaceful life. He always saves his dependent.

Besides the method of worshiping (MahaYoga) above mentioned, if you can mutter his name always silently, your heart’s desire will fulfill within a six months. Except it, you can get good result by putting his picture in your room or your business place. Decoration with flowers, garland, lighted candle and incense sticks etc., with prayer and chanting in every morning and evening.

I and many of my well known persons have been benefited by the distribution of one thousand leaflets, or creating blogs as like as it. If you can’t do it, then also you can do advertisement orally. By this way you can be benefited also. Your good-luck will be increased and gradually you will be free from bad-luck.

After fulfillment of your heart’s desire, you must carry out a MahaAnand Ceremony in your place, inviting your known persons, as per your ability. Mind it; there is no harm, if one does not do any advertisement. But beware from repulsive ––evil works, such like–– bad commenting, slandering, joking etc. if there any loss or damage takes place for that reasons, I shall not be responsible. Such happened in past time, those who zest and sustained a loss, as a result, had become very fond of the most venerable MahaAnand.

In Maharashtra (India), there a poor man was passing his life with very hardship. One day that man got shelter of the MahaAnand, by the suggestion of an ascetic. He started muttering the name –‘MahaAnand’ silently in his mind ceaselessly. One night in the dream MahaAnand ordered him to be a preacher. After getting the compassion of the MahaAnand, now he is passing his life with great Joy– happiness and peace.

Thanking you,

With good wishes,

(Submitted by A devotee of MahaAnand)

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Be sure to send this message on to six of your friends, or ghosts will come in a UFO, and a wizard will transport you in a time machine to the year 2012 :-p.

Open mindedness and looking beyond science is one thing, but it doesn't require superstition either.

Omkaradatta | Thu, 02/19/2009 - 06:04
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Should spirituality make me embarrased to be a human?.........

Phroggy | Thu, 02/19/2009 - 09:00
Dayamoyee | Thu, 02/19/2009 - 09:58
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I did visit the website (and others referenced), which is why I'm embarrased. The world is full of cults and false teachings, all declaring that they are the one true belief system. There is value in such explorations for those who need it, but the lessons can be painful.

The Truth sells itself, only lies need to be repeated endlessly.

Phroggy | Thu, 02/19/2009 - 20:31
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underestimate of our intelligence

Don't send me to other websites (obviously this is probably your aim in putting these promos and links). You need to give me a clear reason to do that, not just shallow slogans. We are a bit more than that. If there is something, tell me here and in short what is the uniquness of this approach of you and why it is true and others are all wrong.

In all this recent marketing attack of this "true" spirituality I couldn't find one clear explanation what its uniqueness and why it is so true. All I see is shallow slogans as in a marketing campaign for a new brand of Cola or worse.

atlantis | Fri, 02/20/2009 - 13:45
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Don't delay!

But wait! Act now and you get a free set of Guru knives, PLUS an Armageddon wall hanging, absoulutely free!

Phroggy | Fri, 02/20/2009 - 21:40
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Is the range of your intelligence ----Guru’s feet?

saturn | Sat, 02/28/2009 - 10:44
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of course

Do you follow the link in each laconic advertisement you encounter? Do you believe the promises each advertisement gives you? of course not, so do I.

And regarding your question - yes, and it is a huge range of intelligence, diverse, not sectarian.

atlantis | Sat, 02/28/2009 - 20:42
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From here...

From here, it's just the mind sending a message -- "haunted by time, and by aliens". Aliens being our own alienation, eh? Alienation from our neighbor, and the people/world around us.

And "possession" relates to our possessions... which we are possessed by, eh?

Omkaradatta | Thu, 02/19/2009 - 18:35
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I had practiced this ‘MahaYoga’

I had practiced this ‘MahaYoga’ and became benefited. This is very easy and fruitful Special kind of Yoga procedure.

Dayamoyee | Thu, 02/19/2009 - 09:54
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Maha Yoga!

I have Got success with miraculous realization!

maha | Fri, 02/20/2009 - 12:44
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The real fact…..

There are two wings in this new religion. The main part of this modern religious society is for science conscious and spiritual conscious men, who have eagerness for self-knowledge, self-realization and self-development. There is no worshiping of God. Their main practice is ‘Knowledge-Yoga’ ––main theme is ‘Awake up…..get up…..develop your self’, ––the path of blooming consciousness.

The other part is for devotees of MahaAnand and the followers of ‘Devotion-Yoga’. People those who have not eagerness for ‘Knowledge-Yoga’, and want to be happy remaining on the feet of Guru, in the shelter of Guru and/or the God, those who think the Guru is the God or the incarnation of the God, and have placed MahaAnand in their lotus heart with love and devotion, they are partakers of this division.

Though I think, there is a motive in back-ground to convert the ‘Devotion-Yogi’ to ‘Knowledge-Yogi’. I have seen the main activities of this society are to make people science-conscious ––self-conscious and true-spiritual-conscious.

Now here in this site, some devotees made us confused. Once one person has posted a topic on true-spiritualism (that which is copied from other website of MAHA), again another time he/she has posted another topic on devotional propaganda. Actually they have not understood the main tune of this religion. I would like to remind them the slogan. ‘A religion which helps to bloom the mind is considered to be the true religion’.

maha | Tue, 02/24/2009 - 05:54
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Your Slogan

Religion actually means the same as Yoga. To join back...

To attain this state one needs to go beyond mind- not to 'bloom' it, as you quote...

'Ma Na' is mind- Ma is 'me', Na is 'not'...

That which is not me, is mind...

My true self is not mind...

anony17 | Tue, 02/24/2009 - 08:00
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Don’t mind....

About religion, our point of view is different. I request you to read the blog – 'True spiritualism and true religion'

The ‘mystery of creation’ of ‘MahaVad’ is different from others as far I know.

maha | Thu, 02/26/2009 - 10:17
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anony17 | Thu, 02/26/2009 - 07:36
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Guru’s feet have become Hell!

Some rude and dirty peoples, those who are not fit for this Holy place, have come and started commenting with barbarous behavior and dirty languages. They are impatient and attacking with ugliness to different opinions and doctrines. Also they are insulting others in their comments. In their comments, they have opened their naked dirty appearances.

saturn | Sat, 02/28/2009 - 10:59
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dirty opinions or different opinions?

I personally couldn't find in the above such behavior you are talking about, are you sure it is not just opinions which are not to your taste? Can you give concrete examples?

kalgo | Sat, 02/28/2009 - 20:11