Clever Little Bunny

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Objectification and unicity have bled into each other and I can't tell the difference anymore

Words lose their sway

And then I like a line or two or four here and there and I go ooohhh

And find myself sharing it on my page

Life simply does itself... like this

I heard someone mention dissociation disorder
And how some might fall into it
With the seeing of the no-self

It's likely an inbuilt self defence mechanism... dissociation disorder

An automatic internal response to trauma... whether consciously acknowledged or not

The brain will just keep on trucking... doing it's own thang

It ain't listening... even to words like
"In a sense there is no separate one to associate or disassociate..."

There's simply no control
And that can be scary as hell

There can be cognitive dissonance...the need for a parallel reality

I have no idea if the drugs being dished out are of any help though

This need for a parallel reality falls through itself

Or not

In the mean time with whatever the latest in medical science...looks like the only treatment is to dumb it down

The pain of separation and the accompanying pain of wanting the parallel reality so bad... the need to escape... can be beyond excruciating for some... so as to cause this kind of automatic response of dissociation

Thought cannot think itself out of thought

Clever little bunny

It is natural that fears might come up

Even fears about... if empathy is missing... then it will become the story of a sociopath... oh horrors be!!

All these psychological labels

Just an another attempt to lasso the sky

Even clinging on to any "enlightenment" story line... for fear of losing the light... won't matter a whit... nor stop it from slipping

Nor even repeating the correct combination of words... mantra like

It really is good for nothing

And cannot be used for anything

A slippery sloping devil... this mind

It cannot be caught... even in the net of the most bejewelled words

Nor will life conform to any image or expectation we might have of it

It shows up looking like anything at all


Even awakening is the dream

It's utterly heart-breaking

Wei Wu Wei... a most brilliant mind... slipped into Alzheimer's

Cancer took Ramana... Ramakrishna and Nisargadatta

Somehow... when it's already ended for some while living... a living death... knowing that that which never lived cannot die... it really no more matters... the second ending... death... how the body-mind mechanism ends

More tears

I cannot somehow even think in those terms anymore

Duality... non duality

The edges blurred... and collapsed onto themselves... a long time ago

None of it makes any sense anymore... nor needs to

And surprisingly that's an utter relief

Non duality... even unicity... doesn't have any utopian ring to it
Nor duality holds any negative undesirable connotations

They rise and fall together
This quiescent centre and the swirling storms around

Even before these learned shared words became part of the lexicon

It's simply life... lifing
It was ever so