clearing of the temple ...

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What you fear most can be called to you.

This is part of the clearing of the temple.

The temple of and for the divine that you are.

In this clearing and cleansing are we given what is needed for us to be able to hold the divine light in such a manner as is given through the inculcation of the "expressive divine" within us.


There is no form of communication available within me to give to the human ego and five sense mental based mind that can provide meaning to these words. Not an appropriate meaning. It is beyond our brains and minds. It is beyond our imagination. It is into that which is and isnt at the same time. Dual and nondual at the same time.

The expressive divine is far different than the concept of everything being of the divine

Everything is of the divine but not everything is of the expressive divine.

Humans go through much refinement to be given such a gift. And even more refinement once that gift is given.

Part of this refinement is to be balanced and without fear.

Loving without expectation.

Surrendering within the force of that which created us.

We move with grace but not until we remove the shackles of our fears and expectations and ego domination.

Kundalini provides these avenues of release through the lessons and challenges of multi faceted love.

- blessings – chrism