Clear Seeing: Transcending Object/Subject Experience

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"An object
does not become an object
separate from you
until you define it.

In order to not define it,
you simply remain in awareness.

You do not allow your attention
to leave awareness
to become fixated on thinking;
rather, attention remains resting
in itself as consciousness.

When you remain in awareness,
then any object you see
is experienced as part of awareness.

When you look outwardly in this way,
you do not experience a bunch of separate objects,
you see and experience everything
as one consciousness.

Only when you get into definitions
does everything become separate objects.

So you can practice
remaining in awareness
without getting involved in definitions,
without getting involved with thinking.

If thoughts come,
you can treat them in the same way.

If you remain in awareness
without getting involved
in the content of the thoughts,
then the thoughts do not become
separate things
but remain as consciousness itself.
They may not even fully form into thoughts.

But the key is to let your attention
remain fully resting in awareness.
If you do this, thoughts will stop all together.

Much love,


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