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As Christmas comes along, i wish us all a happy birthing unto our Divine Self.

Jesus = Christ Consciousness = Universal Consciousness / Self. Thus one way of looking at ‘His’ Immaculate Conception is that it symbolizes moving into a state of Awareness , which allows each of us to birth our own Christ Consciousness – Divine Self!

Mother Mary (our feminine aspect of self) birth's our Christ Consciousness - as it’s not the mind: intellectual understanding, concepts & active effort that eventually births Self - but the heart : love, silent gnosis, surrender that does.

Yet like there can be no child without father and mother, both aspects, yin & yang play their part - The Father aspect (Knowledge - Gyan) seeds us into becoming The Mother (Love/Bhakti) towards birthing Our Divine Self , our Christ Consciousness Christ consciousness is a state of consciousness (also described as Krishna consciousness, Buddha hood, Impersonal Consciousnesses and many other terms) that humanity is moving into … the consciousness of the Immaculate Conception where we realize that we are the divine … and birth Self!


Awareness brings to life that which we become aware of. This is the power of awareness & thus is it the Immaculate Conception often spoken about!

Simply put: our awareness gives birth to that which we become aware of! See this through simple analogy: when you become aware of …say…a book…or this comment…it comes to life! It already existed but your awareness of it births it (and its possibilities) into your reality/life! Thus as we become aware of our true nature…and its essence (vastness, peace, love, abundance, bliss). they begin to become part of our self/life…!

Deeper: it is through Self-awareness that self gives birth to Self!

Indeed it is ones awareness that becomes thy mother & father & makes possible all that we become aware of. Indeed at every level Awareness brings into ‘being’ the all-potential inherent in Itself!

Thus awareness of all that we can be/are…brings into being our highest potentials! And once something comes to life, its growth is a natural process -indeed like any parent, awareness of something almost automatically seeks to nurture the ‘positive’ and disempower the ‘negative’… towards its growth!

Another analogy: If your neighbor was giving away 'gold' for free, and you did not know about it, you could not be recipient. Yet someone who heard about it from another part of the city or even world –who became aware of this- could come and receive this abundance, purely because they were aware of it... so as we become aware of the 'gold'- deeper fulfillment and freedom that spiritualist speak of …and the steps towards it- can it become ours ..!


Almost every culture speaks of the coming of the savior...the return of the 'Christ' ...Indians await the kalki avatar which mythology says comes on a white steed - which actually symbolizes the forward movement of the conscious mind...humanity becoming aware/conscious of who we inherently/already are unconsciously ...the alchemical mating happening within... to birth the new avatar- each one of us! This awareness, is the immaculate conception within each of us! Humanity required the ego thus far, due to the game of separation and forgetfulness- we needed individuation to fulfill that phase -and yes now its time for its revert to oneness...Imho the neo cortex part of our brain developed in humanity to ensure the developing of the ego so that the game of separation could be wholly played... and now that phase of the game is done.. the neo cortex becomes aware of Self!


"All that is left to us by tradition
is mere words
It is up to us to find out what they mean."
Ibn 'Arabi

Lets be in thankfullness to each other as divine midwifes helping each other through the labor pains in birthing Self

Love Divyaa Kummar