Christ, the Universal Guru

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Who is this Man they call Christ Jesus? Many folks have their opinions and many conflict with one another, are some right and some wrong, is everyone right or is everyone wrong, just how can we know for sure and who can really say? Well, my intent is not necessarily to answer all these questions with depth and detail even though it may be possible, I just want to open up our understanding in order to perhaps gain some new perspective on an age old conflict which seems even more contentious than it was 2,000 years ago, even though by now we should have grater insight and revelation, such is not always the case.

They call Jesus Savior and this is not wrong, some say He is the Savior of the world and this is not wrong, some say He is the Savior of Souls and this is not wrong either, but does not being wrong make everyone right???

I would like to propose for your consideration that Savior of the world can be analogous to Universal Guru not because the Bible says so in so many words, because it does not, but because of the energetic similarities in the two terms. This is not the place for me to get into the mechanics of Salvation and New Covenant, so some of these things may not be as clear in my communication as they seem to me, but nevertheless I will try to explain just what I mean by all this.

The fact of the matter is that Jesus redeemed our Species as a whole, those who apply faith to this redemption are allowed to access it directly and those who do not are only indirectly influenced by their association as members of our Species. It is this effect on our Species as a whole which makes Him Savior of the world and also what in my opinion constitutes His credibility as Universal Guru. Now we must understand that The Bible and the Guru Principle both developed under two distinctly different cultures and it is in the clash of these cultures that makes recognizing the similarities difficult. However if we remove the semantics of the different vocabularies and look only at the energetics involved we can appreciate how what the Guru does for the disciple Jesus accomplished for our entire Species.

For instance it is the Guru's Grace which brings Divine Revelation or Self-realization of Divine Union, while Christ has provided Grace and Divine Union on a mass scale abundantly available for all who Believe. By taking the sins of the world upon Himself we can see in Macro-detail the microcosm of the Guru's ability to transmute their disciples negative karma and speed their progress toward liberation. Also, ones Guru is considered worthy of worship and devotion which actually enables the chela to more greatly benefit from the Guru's Grace by recognition of the Divine in and as their Master, and behold all who worship Jesus as God in this same accord which produces the exact same effect when administered with honest heart and clear intent.

The terminology may differ and the scale of application may range widely but the effects and process remains much the same, what the Guru does for their intimate Group of initiates within their linage Christ has accomplished for the world, which is to say our Species as a whole, and by streamlining the process and configuring it within the context of a Quantum Covenant the Universal Guru which is Christ has become the Savior of the World known as Jesus.

There may be much more to this subject but we want to keep things simple at this juncture and so I shall consider my point made and refer you to the Holy Spirit for further Revelation on this subject...

Namaste and Have A GOD Day!!!