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This is from his facebook page and I just LOVE it!

Millions Want Kundalini

People do not seem to realize that grace chooses who and how and when and where a person will come into its refinement. Not culture. Not belief systems. Not how hard a person tries at receiving enlightenment. Not how long or in the many difficult ways a person can attempt to awaken grace within them. Yes they can be drawn to certain teachers or practices and yes these can help tremendously but it is still the purview of grace to activate itself not the individual.

Millions of people seek the Kundalini. Yet not all of those millions will find it. It wont matter what mountain or what shrine or what culture one seeks it out from. It is truly an inside geography that needs to be explored not so much the outside at first.

As within so without is a truth but in the beginning we are nurtured in the womb of Sacred Mothers grace before we can receive the gifts of the Sacred Father. It is a process. We have to experience our own deconstruction. Our own destruction of our ideas about how things should be or will be or wont be based upon the assumptions of the ego.

We surrender these thoughts and judgments and prejudices. We give them to God and empty our glass into the rivers of wisdom that await our sacrifice of self. Doesn't matter where you are on this world. The culture your raised within doesn't matter either. Neither does your belief system matter. All that matters is your surrender to the sacred relationship of you and the inner divine within you. - blessings to all - chrism